How to Get Started With Twitter
How To GET STARTED WITH TWITTER For Absolute Beginners GET GOING AND GET GROWING A Step-By-Step Guide Kindle Edition

How To GET STARTED WITH TWITTER For Absolute Beginners GET GOING AND GET GROWING A Step-By-Step Guide Kindle Edition

So you may have been wondering what I have been up to and if I have fallen of the planet or something because I have been so quiet of late – No! I am still very thankful to be here and grateful that I have been able to write, finished and published book number two, on Kindle for Mac. This book is priced at only 0.99p for it’s launch which was yesterday – 8th April 2016. So proud to have finished this, published it, and be able to help a ton of people in the process. Thanks always for your support. The price won’t stay like this forever, so if you do want a copy, grab one now. And please share this post with your friends and anyone you feel might benefit from it.

After creating this book I have my twelfth Twitter account. @quirkybooksnet is my most popular account with over 4000 organic followers. I have never paid for followers.  I have taught Twitter for Recovery from Mental Health for the Recovery Learning Community, that is part of the NHS, and taught how to use Twitter for business and pleasure; as part of my Quirky Training business – I fully know what I am talking about and will easily and confidently guide you through the necessary steps to get going and get growing.

This is the Ultimate Guide for Absolute Beginners Who Have No Clue About How To Get Started With Twitter!

You have heard of Twitter and how it is one of the most powerful communication tools on the internet. You have seen people on TV saying Tweet us. You have heard of businesses getting ahead of their competition because they are using it daily, and you would love to join in. But you are a bit of a techno phobe, and you just don’t know where to start or how to get going; and most guides around seem to blow your mind and confuse you all the more! You want something very easy that you can just follow along with, that will take you from A-B, and decipher what steps you are actually taking, so you can easily remember how to use Twitter and have a basic understanding of what is going on, long after you have put the book down!

This book will guide you through every step to get started, get going and get growing with Twitter. In an easy to understand step-by-step format, Social Media Expert Sandra Bellamy teaches you:

How to create your first ever Twitter account
What Twitter is and what it is used for
What a Tweet is and how to send one
How to add a profile and header photo
How to add a short bio with the option to link it to another site
What direct messages are and how to send and reply to one
How to Like, Retweet and Reply to Tweets
How to follow other Tweeters and search for more Followers
What @mentions are and how to use them
What Hashtags (#) are and how to use them
How to unfollow someone or block them
How To Gain More Followers, Likes and Retweets
12 Golden Rules for Getting the Most Out of Twitter

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This is the essential guide every Twitter novice won’t want to be without.

Do you already use Twitter?

How are you getting on with Twitter?

Finding it hard to get followers?

The information in this book will help you.

I would love to have your feedback.

Until next time, keep embracing your quirky, and write soon

Sandra xx


  1. Crikey ,you manage to do so much, I’m well impressed! I have a Twitter account but it is sadly neglected due to spending all my time keeping up with the blog and everybody else’s. I wish I had more time to keep up with all this social media stuff.

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    1. Hi Ste, thank you. You are doing a great job. I can’t get around blogs as much these days because I am having a hard time managing everything on little sleep and I have to block out time too get bulk work done. It does help the fact I know how to autopost from Facebook to Twitter and this is going to be a new Quirky Marketing service I am going to offer.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow ! You have been busy Sandra ! I would never become a Twit as I find one WP blog more than enough for me to handle, a bit like handling a woman I suppose 😉 lol ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! You may get more ladies – or find the one through Twitter – you never know. I been really maxed out. It’s almost 4am again here and I have been going to sleep at this time for the last 4 days. I am also working in my Asexual Perspectives book

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha! I often find it difficult to work out which day I am in! Then I remember! I am planning a Power of One Coaching course for the end of this year, but next important project is my Asexual Perspectives book – which is an awesome project to be working on.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, I am interviewing lots of Asexuals for the book – it’s going to change lives! At the end of this year I am planning a Power Of One Coaching course for any single person to better their lives by being their true, authentic, quirky self, always.

        Liked by 1 person

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