Santas Run Through Quayside – Happy Quirky Christmas!

Lone Santa Runs To Catch The Others Up
Seeing Is Believing

Santas Run Through Quayside – Happy Quirky Christmas!

It’s not every day you see not one; but multiple Santas running through the Quayside in Exeter.

I love living in Exeter, it is big enough to be noticeable, but small enough to get to know more intimately; and has some quirky stuff going on!

The Quayside gives you a taste of the countryside, culture and history, all wrapped up into one; while being part of an intellectual and vibrant city, supportive and encouraging of the arts. I feel blessed to live here.

What do you love most about where you live?

Write soon and stay quirky

6 thoughts on “Santas Run Through Quayside – Happy Quirky Christmas!

    1. Ha! Thanks Ralph. Trying to keep up with posting. I am just so busy and I was asleep by 7.20pm Sunday night – so you could say I was a bit tired I am doing a four week course on top of everything else!

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      1. Hi Ralph, yeah, I am so busy and trying to fit in sleep is hard. I have seen two friends this week and phoned one tonight. I have a new client on Monday. I am doing a 4 week online course. And typing/publishing most of these posts on breaks in my day job.

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