Remembering My Snugs With Love Always

This is the plant the vet gave me after Snuggle's Passed Away
Beautiful Flowers

In Loving Memory Of My Snuggles

Snuggles's plant sent by the vet last year

Snuggles with mum Sandra Bellamy

It’s really hard for me to write this post. A few days ago, it was the first year anniversary of Snuggles’s death. Writing it a few days later, does not ease the pain I feel inside, although I had hoped it would not feel so raw.

This is the plant the vet sent to me after she died. Normally flowering plants die on me, but not this one. It has more flowers on it than last year.

Snuggles – I called my snugs for short, was a best friend to me, she licked the tears from my face when my Grandma passed away last year.

I feel too emotional to write any more.

I love you my Snuggles always and forever more xxxxxxxx

6 thoughts on “Remembering My Snugs With Love Always

    1. Thanks Ralph. Live is very hectic and I am going away to London as a last minute ‘planned’ trip. So from this morning planned – Just after 1am I leave on Wednesday – sleeper train and catch the 11.45pm train back to Exeter on Friday. I get back to Exeter before 4am on Saturday. I am going to the Success Seminar and very excited. Got 6 days off my day job. I managed to clear over 17,000 of my 27,000 + emails this week. It has a powerful spam filter on that account now. 3 T-Shirts designs done for my new T-Shirt business – watch this space xx

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      1. Wow ! You are a busy bee Sandra !
        Have a great time in London. I know you love seminars.
        No way ! 27,000+ ! Sorry that I wrote those 27,000+ comments 😉
        Watching ! 😀 ❤

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      2. I love your comments, don’t stop. They are very motivational. You are a blog commenter entrepreneur!! – I have another account that is currently just under 4000 emails that my blog gets directed to – The large email number is for my Beat Redundancy Blues sites and most of it is spam, but not all, that amount of emails is going back until August, so although I have e deleted some – there used to be closer to 30,000, I just can’t keep track of about 100 emails a day, most of which are junk! My west host has put a good spam filter on there now. I still get some come through, but not as many. It would be great to delete that account, but almost every one of my special media profiles are linked to it so I can’t. Pain in the butt!!

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