6 thoughts on “Quirky Fact Sandra Bellamy Still Has A Baby Tooth!

    1. That’s great Ralph. Very appropriate. Not very flattering photos, but really hard to believe I still have it unless you can clearly see it, hence the different angles. It’s been wobbly a bit for about 2 years now, and I have to be careful what I eat in that place. Some photos of me look like I have a gap in my tooth through a missing tooth, but it’s there and I would love to keep it forever. Apparently there is another tooth in the gum behind it, and the dentist said if I lose my baby tooth I may have to have a false one, but I like to be authentic, so if something happens, I would rather the other one in my gum would come in its place, but I love my baby tooth, it’s quirky and awesome, so I hope that it stays forever.

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