9 thoughts on “Eclipse After Effects

    1. Hi Ste, I took these on the way to the train station to go to Shrek’s Adventure. You will probably see a lot of posts from me in succession soon. I have been invited to do a 3 day quote challenge, which I have to start now. I have an important http://www.youtube.com/quirkybooksTV video to share and a huge Author interview that you will have never seen before – it get’s into my writer’s mind and my mythology, and delves deeper into my life – 30 questions in total – so a lot of posts to come.


      1. Hi Ste, I do understand. Two others can’t do it either and the more successful I am, the more people are coming to me for help, on top of everything I do. I have been trying to get some more sleep as the lack of sleep has taken is toll a little lately and I haven’t been so well, so my day 3 of the Quote Challenge, will have to wait for another day or two.

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      2. Hi Ste, yeah! One day I won’t be able to help everyone on a one-to-one basis, that’s what I have my businesses for. I am going to be doing more education/how to videos on my http://www.youtube.com/quirkybooksTV channel soon. And I also have my new second channel Asexualise My Asexual Life – I seem to helping more and more asexuals, and so it will be great to help them on a more massive scale.

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