First Ever Author Radio Interview

Photo of me before filming some outdoor scenes for my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book trailer.

Hi everyone

Another action packed week for me.

I had my first ever Author radio interview yesterday on Radio Tircoed. It’s a community radio station based in Swansea in the UK. It covers Swansea and South Wales locally, and is broadcast around the world on the internet. The presenter; was a good interviewer. He was great at asking me the right questions, to enthuse my audience about my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work – An A-Z ‘How To’ guide. It well very well, especially considering the presenter’s phone line was quiet, and at one point I couldn’t hear what he was asking me.

I had two more book sales in a couple of days. One from the UK, by a person I hadn’t heard from in about 8 months; until connecting back through a forum update on my status, the day before. The other from someone in France; and I still don’t know who that was who bought it. All the other buyers of my book; have told me they bought it. So thank you to that person, whoever you are, I appreciate it.

I spent a couple of days this week working on my book trailer. Even thought last time we met, we thought that filming was over; me and my director/producer/editor, filmed two more scenes that are essential to the storyline. We chose music for the trailer – I chose beforehand and he agreed, which was great. It’s mighty powerful music that I bought the license to use. We also changed the movie clips around and I rewrote some of my script for the voiceover and re-recorded it. I cannot stress enough, that this is a book trailer like no other. Crossing two/three genres of subject matter – Redundancy Motivation/Inspiration. I like to quirk it up and help people as much as I can.

Have I mentioned I don’t do normal?

Thanks for continuing to support my journey into print. I am about to upload the contents of my book; for the printed version. The book cover still needs to be resized; and custom ISBNs need to be bought, to be published under my own imprint of Quirky Books. My Kindle edition is published by Quirky Books.

Stay quirky and write soon

14 thoughts on “First Ever Author Radio Interview

    1. Hi Ste, thanks so much. I am still working a ton of hours at the moment on the printed version. I skipped sleep on Monday night so spent 23 hours awake. The printed version is going to be an 8X10 size, because at a 6×9, it came out at over 600 pages and CreateSpace will only allow for 480 page maximum upload.


      1. Hi Ralph, thank you. I have the mindset of a 23 year old currently, I live like a 15 year old teenager, going on 12. And I am an entrepreneur business girl – with a business head on me. I like to keep it quirky. I don’t speak about my birth certificate age as a rule of thumb, because age is a state of mind and when I was technically younger, I was older, and now I am younger, ha!

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      2. Well, you certainly know how to confuse a man Sandra. Is this one of those mind-boggling teaser puzzles using the Theorem Of Quirky ?
        23 + 15 – 8 + 12 – 3 = 39 ? haha 😀

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      3. Not. It’s not a puzzle. I just purposefully like to have a young mindset. So last year I was 24 and this year 23 in my mind. It keeps me young and is great for my Fibromyalgia to have a young mindset and live like a teenager. I am the happiest I have ever been, living this quirky, young and unconventional lifestyle. The only problem is, a lot of younger asexual guys are too old for me, lol! And most young guys can’t keep up with me. Ha! Dancing and such, I meant. Having a 23 year old mindset means I can do anything a 23 year old can do. One guy FB messaged me the day before yesterday and said he thought I looked 23, just I spoke older words.

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