Break Through The Barriers of Redundancy


A gigantic Shout Out of thanks to Al Forbes from for being the first blog stop on my Blog Book Tour, it’s much appreciated.

This book is different to any other redundancy or job-seeking book on the market, because it takes a holistic view of redundancy that is about how to deal with the initial grief and depression that comes with redundancy, and use redundancy as an opportunity for reflection and a time to go back to the roots of who you are and what you were born to do, before all of the ‘noise’ of life got in the way, such as marriage, kids, and mortgage; to discover your dream job and lifestyle, and help you to get it. It also explains how to deal with the practicalities of job-hunting, CV and cover letter writing, and how to answer tough interview questions. It also has a whole chapter devoted to discovering if self-employment would be right for you!
Available from Amazon in the UK:

Available on Amazon in the USA:

A Mixed Bag

One of my friends, Sandra Bellamy, has written a book to aid people back into work after being made redundant. At the moment it is available only on Kindle, but she is currently finishing off the formatting for the paperback edition. There is a wealth of information both in the book and on her websites.

    “In a nutshell, this book is a complete A-Z system for getting back into work; and a comprehensive guide about how you can recover from the devastating effects of redundancy, and seize this moment as an opportunity to fulfil your dreams.
      Redundancy can be difficult for all kinds of reasons. It can affect you financially, emotionally, and be detrimental to your health and wellbeing.
      This practical and user-friendly A-Z guide tackles how to break through multiple barriers of redundancy in a holistic way. It uniquely covers…

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