Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book Cover
Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book Cover Exclusive


I have some exciting news and a Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book cover exclusive, especially for you. After what would seem like 11 attempts to reformat my Break Through The Barriers of Redundancy book for Kindle, and all of the problems I have had with incorrect code, faulty template, and tonight the original manuscript orange colour for the hyperlinks vanishing – all but 3 pages; I finally decided to just go for it and hit the Save and Publish button. Now I have to wait for up to 72 hours to see if it’s approved. Then I will be officially a published author and my dream will be realised. Well – The first one. The dream of my life to date. Of course there is more to come and I cannot wait. This is the start of my new life forever and I am going to love every minute of fulfilling my destiny and doing what I was born to do.

This is my first Quirky Book – I cross two genres; an A-Z guide with a ‘How-to’ book, that I don’t think has ever been done before – Unless you know otherwise?

What do you think of the cover???

Here is my book page: It would be super cool if you would like it. I would love to get my total to 100 Likes. I currently have 71, and you can keep up-to-date with all of my latest news on that page.

Thank you so much for being on my journey into print – even if it is electronic print at the moment – which is the way things are headed. I tried to upload the full cover, but it was a mammoth file size, so you have the thumbnail enlarged a little instead.

I love you all to bits and I thank you for being with me, getting to know me and my quirks, and for being part of my fantastic blog family.

Keep embracing your quirky, stay positive and write soon

(Author) Sandra (Bellamy) – That’s an exclusive too.


  1. Hitting that publish button starts a whole chain of emotions, excitement,fear and the sudden belief there is something you have forgotten or done wrong lol, well done though, my book went live on Saturday and if I thought the Kindle process was stressful that was nothing to the print version,but 5 sales in and I am starting to feel a little better just need to see a couple of reviews go up before I really relax though

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    1. Hi Paula, that’s Amazing. Congratulations to you. I noticed in one of the forums for CreateSpace, they were saying you can’t put addresses in your book, do you know what that’s about?


      1. I have no idea, but if you can’t you might get round that by setting up a mailchimp account, when you do it actually gives people your physial mailing address unless like me you remove a few details lol different scenario for me with having kids so obviously have to keep my actual address obscured, if ever start making money from writing I am going to have to look into a PO box or mail forwarding address, but PO boxes are very expensive

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      2. Hi Paula, I already use Mailchimp for emails. I looked into getting a PO Box number, but it was too expensive. There are 4 other people in the house besides me, so there is always usually someone at home.


      3. Thank you Paula. I will look into that more further down the line. My Landlord use to run his business from here and still has post for his business that comes here


    1. Thanks Ralph. There was a couple of little tweeks I was going to try to make – again – but when all of my hyperlinks changed to an invisible black colour, all but 3 pages, and I was going to have to start over – I realised I still had the original uploaded in the previewer and it actually looked fine in the online previewer – including the phone versions – It’s just my own Mac for Kindle that kept throwing the copyright page title and about 3 other little ones out – I thought this is it – I am going for it!

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