Disneyland Paris Rainforest Cafe Elephant Comes To Life!

Disneyland Paris Rainforest Cafe Elephant Comes To Life! – This is a funny video so I have put classified it as a comedy – Enjoy!

I have finished writing My Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book www.facebook.com/BreakThroughTheBarriersOfRedundancyBook  and done a final check of all table of ‘Contents’ hyperlinks. Now I am checking the actual book content hyperlinks. I will be a published Author very soon and you are going to love my new book. I have people already wanting to buy it, so feel very blessed.

Be prepared to be inspired with the new upcoming videos from my http://www.youtube.com/quirkybooksTV including Nick Vijucic

Stay quirky and write soon

Sandra xx

7 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris Rainforest Cafe Elephant Comes To Life!

    1. Hi Ste, thank you so much my friend. I realised yesterday, there was fault with the template and had to copy and paste into a new on, re-do the line spacing, bullets and numbering and all of the hyperlinks in the Contents. It’s still not quite right. I am going to do a book tour after the book is published, and wondered if you would be interested in having me interviewed about my book on your blog?


      1. Yes I certainly would my friend, I will think up some appropriate questions, you will be my first interview, so it is all very exciting. yet another first for me!

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      2. He Ste, that’s awesome news. Really pleased about that. I have today and tomorrow off from my day job and hoping to get the book completely finished and hit the publish button by the end of tomorrow night. My best email address is sandrabellamy@sandrabellamy.com the others that are linked to my main two accounts, are becoming full woth a lot of stuff that I can’t keep up with – junk included.


      3. Thanks very much, I shall peruse your site and have a brainstorm for some incisive questions and then get back to you. Hope all is well with the book and that this finds you happy and well.

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