When I write – I feel my whole soul is melted into me!

Hi everyone

Writer and Author Sandra Bellamy

When I write, I feel my whole soul is melted into me. I feel I am a personification of the word writer; and I am at absolute peace within myself. It’s like someone flicks a switch inside of me and I know this is how my life is always meant to be, for eternity.

I have been in my cave writing, editing, amending and adding to my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book for almost two weeks. I took 12 days off from my day job to get my book finished and uploaded to Amazon as an e-Book. I am pleased to say that I finished the book on Tuesday; except for the re-formatting for Kindle, which I am now in the process of doing in the evenings after my day job. My two days off from my day job next week, I am working in my teaching job for over half day on Monday and I have a new client for my self-employed Quirky Training business, teaching Facebook for business on Wednesday for part of the day. So more often than not, I work 7 days a week nowadays. That’s why I currently have less time to blog and to visit blogs, so apologies for that.

I love you all dearly. Never forget that. I appreciate your commments and likes, and I appreciate you.

My book has been at least two and a half years in the making and so I am going to be extastic once it’s published, and it should help a ton of people in the process.

My Quirky Training business can be found at Quirky Training. It’s part of my education hub Quirky Academy offering. You can view it here: Quirky Academy. I teach blogging, Facebook and Twitter for business or pleasure. My number is 07932 768970 if you know anyone who may benefit from my training now, or in the future.

My main focus for these next couple of evenings, is trying to finish the re-formatting of my book to upload to Amazon. However long it takes, I won’t stop until I am a published by author.

Stay quirky and write soon


10 thoughts on “When I write – I feel my whole soul is melted into me!

  1. Congratulations on the book, you’ve spent so much time on it and it pleases me that you have finally got it how you want it, I’m proud of you.

    I love that feeling of writing that you describe, when one is in the zone it is just a magnificent thing to experience.


    1. Yeah! I would love that Paula. I haven’t done an interview via Skype before, but it’s something I want to do a lot of in the future so it would be helping me out greatly too. I uaed to be a volunteer hospital radio presenter for years so I like being interviewed or interviewing. In a couple of weeks time, hopefully the book will be on Amazon. I will of course share the interview across all of my social media and on my blogs. It’s a brilliant idea. I think we have to split the screen in some way – maybe different to the usual way, so any help you can give me with that would be awesome. I plan to be interviewing businesses in the fututre.


      1. The software I have I have only used the free version which audio recording is called Pamela I do intend paying for the licence for the full version next payday which allows video recording as well, I also downloaded software called audacity which is free and is for high podcast quality audio editing so I am looking forward to seeing what I can create with them.

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      2. Awesome. I want to do things like that in the future, but interviewing in the near future. So any help is greatly appreciated and yes, I would love to do the interview. Just let me know in advance a date a time when you are sorted as I work mostly 7 days a week nowadays and sometimes have clients booked three weeks in advance. Hence my lack of getting around blogs x


    1. Hi Ralph. Thank you my friend. It aint over until the kdp formatting works. 4 nights I have spent trying to sort this now and still I haven’t finished. But I am determined to get it uploaded no matter what. Thanks for your encouragement and support.

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      1. Unfortunately I haven’t finished formatting the TOC, and tonight I have other immediate stuff do, so it’s looking like I may not have any time to do that tonight. Tomorrow is dad’s day, so I am seeing my parents after work and you know from my latest post, that the rest of next week in the day I am quite chocca. I gave to phone a potential new client back after teaching on Monday and Skyping another blogger business contact Wed afternoon, about possible opportunities.

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