Who Wants A Shrek Adventure?

Shrek Adventureland Coming Soon in London
Shreks Adventure

Hi everyone

Shrek’s Adventureland, is coming soon to London. It’s currently due to open in July. I can’t wait to visit. Although I have no planned trips to London again this year, and so it may be next year that I go to this.

Apologies for not getting around around your blogs. I am finding it hard to have time to post my own stuff. Business is booming in more ways than one, and I am currently getting less than 5 hours sleep,  sometimes only 3 or 4 most nights.

On my two days off from my day job this week, one night I forgot to go to sleep! – I worked from 10.30am on Wednesday to 5am Thursday morning. Predominantly doing teaching prep and sourcing and buying ‘commercial’ printer cartridges. That are not readily available. One company gave me the runaround for about 2.5 hours, and in the end I went with another company for next day delivery. After about 5 hours sleep, I worked all of that day on business stuff and washing up/cleaning.

I thankfully have a ‘working’ holiday, coming up soon. From the 5th of June, I will still be teaching on the 8th, but the rest of that week I plan to work on my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book and publish it in e-Book format on Amazon.

Keep embracing your quirky and write soon


15 thoughts on “Who Wants A Shrek Adventure?

    1. Thanks so much Ste. I really do need a rest. Sorry I haven’t visited your blog in a while, I do care, it’s just I am so maxed out with work and behind on publishing posts and videos and with my emails. Teaching has taken over my -outside-of-my-day-job life for the last week.


      1. It’s okay my friend, you’re busy and it’s understandable that you need to sort your stuff first and I look forward to reading about your progress, as ever!

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      1. And now it’s almost 4am and I just finished teaching prep for Monday – So off to bed soon for 3.5 hours sleep Before my day job. From the 5th I am off to finish my book – And teach on Monday. I will be on lock down, get your work done, mode.

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      2. Hi Ralph, I am not in lock down yet. I still have another day to go in my day job and that’s now today, as it’s almost 1am. I have been doing more teaching prep. Teaching had been taking over my life. From the 5th I am off, but still teaching on Monday. I had hoped to get more done before my break to finish my book, but alas, I don’t think I will have time.

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