A Glorious Day At The Devon County Show

Lama at Devon County Show
BBC Spotlight presenters, Dan, Natalie and Justin
Lots of stands at Devon County Show
More of my favourite Lama
This was my favourite Alpaca out of the ones in the ring at this time and it won first place
Show Jumping at Devon County Show
Lots of people at the Devon County Show

Hi everyone

Today I was out and about again, and it was a glorious day at the Devon County Show.

The show is great for networking, finding out about the latest trends in the arts and crafts and getting help.

I spoke to a self-published author who illustrates his own books, and a guinea pig expert. I also bought a small canvas print and card from my favourite local artist Simon Clarke.

Thanks for sticking with me. I am way behind with my video publishing and some blog posting.

Take care of you, keep writing and keep believing in you.


5 thoughts on “A Glorious Day At The Devon County Show

    1. Hi Ste, Alpaca’s are so cute. It was a great day out. Back to the day job today and website amendments/updates tonight. Trying to sort a YouTube video as well. I am about 10 videos behind.


    1. Hi Ralph, thank you. I went to my parent’s for tea afterwards and saw my piggies. My mum has been looking after them for about a month now, because I have been away such a lot. Back to day job today.

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