Quirky Academy UK is Live and Launched

Quirky Academy UK
Quirky Academy UK Website

I just launched Quirky Academy UK – It will focus more on my products in comparison to Quirky Academy .com, that focuses more on my courses, classes, workshops and services – Starting with my Break Through the barriers of redundancy book.

I had a great time in London. Nick Vujicic was fantastic, and I got my photo taken with author Andrew Matthews, who signed all 3 of the books I bought from him. I told him I like to write and he listened to me about what my Break through the barriers of redundancy was about, and said I was well placed to write the book, having been made redundant twice myself. This is great motivation.

I went straight back into work and I am chocca at the mo. Photos and video/s to follow. It’s almost 4.30am and I have to get up for my day job in just over 3 hours, and I haven’t been to sleep yet.

Stay quirky and write soon


8 thoughts on “Quirky Academy UK is Live and Launched

    1. Hi Ralph, don’t say that! I like you telling me to get some sleep and then I don’t – I do more work, ha! Not totally true. I do agree that sometimes I need more sleep and I was in bed for 11pm, but then felt worse and just had the two hours sleep. I usually feel worse off more sleep now. I think I live of cortisone and adrenalin. It’s not good, but it actually helps my pain. us, I tend to have nightmares whenever I get more than 6 hours sleep, unless I sleep from 4am until 12pm. Then I can get my 8 hours and feel good. With my day job, I can’t do that. I have to jump in the shower now to get ready for me day job and I have just been working on my new http://www.sandrabellamy.com site. I only just started that one.

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      1. Oh ! Okay ! I’ll keep on at you then about sleeping. I don’t know how you stay alive with so little sleep, but you did explain. I hope you are not in too much pain Sandra. Did you get through Saturday at work okay as it must be your busiest day of the week ? It’s 1am here. So got to go. Goodnight my friend 😀 ❤

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      2. Hi Ralph, it’s almost 3am here and yes, I was working all day in my day job, although it was a bit quiet on m y department. I have been working on my new http://www.sandrabellamy.com site and finally I have made some dec went progress. I must have changed themes more than half a dozen times, but finally got a good one. I have done the bulk of the work tonight/this morning. Got to get a few hours sleep now, before work. I think I live off cortisone – which isn’t good for the body, but good for my pain =, so sort of good for my body. I went to sleep at 11pm recently, and felt worse!! I usually always feel worse when I go to sleep early. Night/ Morning my friend xx

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      3. I had a look at your site Sandra. It’s got the builders in ! Maybe I’ll have a look again when it’s finished. So how many blogs have you got now ? ❤

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