Survival of the Sickest – Daisy’s first night of Survival


Chestnut was eating this food, not Daisy. Feeling blessed that Daisy is alive this morning. It’s survival of the sickest time. (Stay positive my sweet one. I believe in YOU.)


Daisy made it through the first night of a diagnosed respiratory infection.


Daisy (black and white) is not eating barely anything – A tage of hay and 2 chunks of kitchen towel. She is mischievous, even when sick.


This is Daisy’s companion Chestnut, in their Den, whilst I cleaned them out.




Daisy is still seriously sick and finding it hard to breathe. Prayers are still very welcome. Thanks to every one of you who has left us messages and prayed for Daisy, and for me, that Daisy will be okay. It means such a lot.

Write soon

6 thoughts on “Survival of the Sickest – Daisy’s first night of Survival

      1. No. Not much at all. Daisy is too uncomfortable to get much sleep, but can rest and I have to get up early to give her, her anti-biotics and I have work to do. I keep falling asleep at my desk.


      2. Oh dear ! Well I’m off to bed. I also have to get up reasonably early as Toni will be cleaning my apartment in the morning. Goodnight Sandra and GO TO SLEEP ! 😀 ❤

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