Bristol Zoo Gardens Feeding the Lorikeets – Valentine’s Day Video Two

So it feels like an age since it was Valentine’s Day and International Celebrate Being Single Day. I had an absolute blast feeding not one, not two, but three lorikeets! Enjoy the video and let me know what you think.

I am mega busy with my day job and producing the course content for my teaching job. Which often takes hours to write and produce. I am working as a Peer Trainer for the Recovery learning Community, that is part of the NHS Partnership Trust. I am their social media trainer. I teach Blogging, Facebook and Twitter for recovery. It feels fantastic to write the course content myself and  after suffering from depression for a lot of my life, up until about 3 years ago, to help aid other’s recovery from mental ill health – feels wonderful.

As I have special permission to keep the copyright of all course materials, I will be using a lot of it for future non-fiction ‘how to’ books, that I intend to sell as e-Books.

I am still going to self-publishing my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book. I have more people interested in it.

Watch this space for the future of Quirky Books. It’s very exciting.

Write soon and keep being your quirky self


23 thoughts on “Bristol Zoo Gardens Feeding the Lorikeets – Valentine’s Day Video Two

    1. Hi Paula, thank you so much. It looks like I was watching and replying to you, not long after, or whilst, you sent me this comment. I lost my baby Daisy guinea pig yesterday and it has been touch and go since the morning of Friday 13th, so I only just had time to check out the link that came on a ping back. I have left a comment on your blog and on your Youtube channel that I am now subscribed to. I am thrilled for the Very Inspiring Award nomination and happy to accept it with open arms. It was a lovely surprise to not only be nominated by you, but in one of your vlog posts too, is sensational. It is positive news, in a sad time, so has cheered me up. Thanks again. I am truly grateful for it.


      1. Thanks Arlen. I especially need those right now. I don’t know if you have seen my post today? Daisy is seriously ill with a respiratory infection, she could d–.


      2. Thanks Arlen. It’s hard seeing her not breathing well. She’s in her igloo at the moment, just resting and trying to survive. I believe in her 100%, that she can do it. I have to be strong for her.


      3. Thanks Arlen. I have been a bit run down lately from working excessively and not having much sleep, so I need to forget about that and focus on her. I will stay strong. Thanks my friend. Hugs.

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    1. Hi Ralph, that was quick. Thank you very much. You can see my whole face and eyes light up! I thoroughly enjoyed my celebrate being single day. The lorikeet feeding was an amazing experience. They only have it available to do for two hours a day. I was lucky to experience it. I still have videos from Disneyland to publish yet. My Mac keeps crashing, that is not helpful. I have another Bristol Zoo video to upload, but currently am unable to. It looks like I need to buy more memory. I have tons of hard drive, but not enough RAM.

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      1. Yes. I could see your eyes twinkle while the birds were on your arms. Lovely to see !
        Videos and photos do take up a lot of memory. Anything that I am not working on is kept on USB 64GB memory sticks. I clean all my temp files, cookies etc with Piriform CCleaner which is free. 😀

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      2. Hi Ralph, thanks. I love a bit of twinkle. My hard drive has over 500 GB left, which is where I have my photos stored and videos as far as I was aware? I keep it all backed up on a Western Digital 2TB hard drive. I am not sure what the memory problem is. I will have to go to the Mac store. It said the other day that I have not got enough application memory?

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      3. This is way beyond me. My Windows 7 laptop only crashed when Microsoft updated or when I had a virus. I have no more viruses now as I use Malwarebytes, but Microsoft needs a good kicking sometimes 😉 Good luck with it Sandra !

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      4. Hi Ralph. I went into the Mac store and yes, it seems like it’s the RAM I need more of because today’s applications need more memory. Strangely enough, the Mac shop, doesn’t sell more RAM for its own Macs, apparently! So got to buy it online from another company. Not now though. Been busy shopping all day and resting.

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