Happy Valentine’s Day – Why it’s important to date yourself: Quirky Love Video Six


How are you celebrating?

Keep embracing your quirky and write soon.

LOVE and lot of it


6 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day – Why it’s important to date yourself: Quirky Love Video Six

  1. I have no problem doing most things alone in fact even when I was in a relationship I preferred visiting stately homes and museums on my own so I could look round at my own pace and not worry about what they wanted to see. The only one I probably wouldn’t do alone is the theme park, I am not a big fan of theme parks anyway as these days with my spinal issues I can’t go on much but I have to confess I would much rather have a friend or two to chat to while queuing than just standing there, okay you might get someone cool next to you in the queue to talk to but I always seem to end up with people I really don’t wish to talk to but rather than be rude I do.

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    1. Hi Paul, Apologies for the delay in reply. Sorry to hear about your spinal issues, how do they affect you on a daily basis? It’s great that you like doing most things on your own and to look around at your own pace, without worrying about anyone else, is always a good thing. I was brave and went to Chessington theme park on my own and did’t speak to anyone while I queued up, including for the longest time, that was almost an hour and I had no music either. Plus, I made myself go on a scary upside down/spinny ride. It was a bit scarier on my own, but the queuing on my own, didn’t bother me. I was surprised about this, as I love the art of talking.


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