Positive Self Talk: Give Yourself A Hug – Quirky Love Video Five

Positive Self-Talk is about what you say to yourself verbally and in your mind. Love yourself enough to talk wonderfully to yourself. Write positive messages around your home; tell yourself you are beautiful and amazing. Learn to love yourself no matter what and give yourself a hug.

This is the fifth video in my Quirky Love series in the run up to Valentine’s Day. The next one will be published on Valentine’s Day. I am so looking forward to having a date with myself in Bristol on Valentine’s Day, to celebrate being single. I am going to the zoo, for a Thai meal and the cinema. I haven’t been to the cinema in months, so it should be awesome.

What have you decided to do for Valentine’s Day?

Thanks to each and every one of you who has subscribed to my channel. I am very grateful to you. If you haven’t subscribed, it would be great to have your support. This is the link to subscribe is  www.youtube.com/user/quirkybooksTV

Write soon and keep embracing your quirky


9 thoughts on “Positive Self Talk: Give Yourself A Hug – Quirky Love Video Five

      1. Hi, I didn’t know you sent me one, but I have found it now, with all of your links, thanks. Good job you told me, I have a lot of emails come through and I have to go an get some sleep soon, after my video has finished processing, which seems like it is taking forever. So are you the Editor for those two, thebestof sites? Companies have to pay to be featured on such a site, don’t they?


    1. Thanks Ute, I love hugs. Glad you enjoyed the video. Apologies for not visiting your blog as much lately, I am mega busy trying to finish creating and launching my 4 websites. Then I can get back to finishing and publishing my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book. I am also doing tutor/teaching stuff now, on top of my day job. Xx

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