2 thoughts on “Love Yourself No Matter What! Quirky Love video Four

  1. While I do agree you need to love yourself, and like you I have suffered from depressed my first bout was post natal and the second prior to my first spinal surgery. I do disagree with you slightly on one point, if everyone else is telling you there is a problem with an aspect of your character even if you do like it it might be worth actually stopping to consider why they don’t like it, we are not always the best judges of ourselves, it is like people with low self esteem who need to learn to trust those around them who tell them they are beautiful and have worth, sometimes you need to look at who is telling you things and why, if they are just being mean or plain nasty of course ignore them but if people you love are gently pointing things out and giving constructive criticism then you need to consider if this is holding you back and stopping you moving on to a better place for yourself


    1. Hi Paula, you raise a very interesting and valid point. I used to totally agree with what you are saying, I still do to a certain extent. I take responsibility for my actions and for every action, there is a reaction, so I have to look at my own attitude and behaviour. I am very self analytical, self critical and self aware. There is always room for improvement, to make myself the best version of me that there can be. However, if I didn’t love myself no matter what, and accept my weaknesses with my strengths, and know that I can work on the things that I am not happy with about myself, then I wouldn’t truly love me and would be feeling depressed again. That’s why I say to love yourself no matter what. Recognise your weaknesses and strengths, and accept them. I love me now. No longer do I punish myself, for a lot of time, the views others held about me or the way I live my life, I am happy with just me and I love being single too and living my quirky, young, unconventional life. I am a different person to what I used to be, because I have changed myself a lot, yet I am myself more than I have ever been in my life and gone back to being the real me from the the core of my inner being, and I love it. I was born to be me, for a special reason. Just like you were born to be you, for a special reason. I will not change myself for someone else, ever again. I did that and hardly recognised myself. I will only change myself for me and becusse I want to.

      I went to see a counsellor once, many years ago, I think I may have even been at school at the time, who told me, I should be around people who are more like me. At that point in my life, I disagreed with them, I thought it was good for me to be around people with different characters and different view points, so that I may learn from them, about myself, and use that to develop and change my own character for the better. I should have listened to that counsellor, whom I only saw once. They were right and I was wrong. Because the people who were around me, didn’t like me for who I was, they didn’t appreciate me, what they thought was best and right, was their best and right, not mine, and not best for me. Everyone has their own agenda in their life and that is not necessarily the same as mine. Now I know this, when I am not spending time on my own, that I love doing, I am around people who love me for me, they accept my weaknesses and strengths, because I accept them about me and am more accepting of others. I know who I am. My friends are positive about me and towards me. I have more friends than ever before and more people see the lovely person that I am. I still change myself sometimes, but only because I want to, never for someone else or what some else says to me. Sometimes those closest to us and our own families, are the ones who can cause us the most sadness, because they are different in character to our own. It doesn’t make them right and me wrong, or vice versa, it is just that. My overall view nowadays, is we should love ourselves no matter what; be true to who we are and our authentic quirky self, not worry about what others think about us or how we should lead our lives. We should lead our lives in the way we want and be around like-minded people who are good for us and our souls. Not everyone is going to be compatible in character with others, just discover and seek out those who are, and live in harmony with them and yourself. The others, will seek out and be with others that are suitable for them.
      Nowadays, I am happy with the changes I have made and who I am. I am quirky and happily not normal. I accept that not everyone will like me, even though I have a heart of gold, that thankfully most people who are in my life now, do see.


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