Virginity is Awesome! – Quirky Love Video Two

Quirky Books is all about embracing your quirky. What saddens me, is people criticising people for being a virgin. If you are a Virgin, it’s good you love yourself enough to keep that for yourself.

This is the second of my Quirky Love videos in the run up to Valentine’s Day. Let me have your thoughts, and if you haven’t subscribed to my quirkybooksTV channel yet, then please do so now, I would love to have your support.

I am in the thick of finishing writing my course content for the Recovery Learning Community. I start teaching students from the 23rd of February until the 20th of April. A writer’s work is never done! Ha!

Keep embracing your quirky and write soon.


4 thoughts on “Virginity is Awesome! – Quirky Love Video Two

  1. “If you are a Virgin, it’s good you love yourself enough to keep that for yourself.” Does that imply that if you are not you do not love yourself? I think one of things that makes virginity an issue is the majority of times the only reason you know about it is because the other person is trying to use it to suggest somehow they are morally superior, after all the only person most of us discuss our sex lives or lack of them with is close friends who if they are true friends would not judge you anyway. I have only really come across people who discuss their virginity in religious terms and while I really have no interest whether anyone else chooses to have sex or not as long as it is legal and consensual and personally after leaving a long term relationship I would rather have chocolate but I do feel it is only fair to point out people on all sides can be as judgemental especially depending on their own motivations,

    Sorry it always seems like I am being argumentative when I post, I don’t mean to be its just you raise interesting issues

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    1. Hi Paula, I like to hear what you have to say. Since being in asexual groups, ironically, I have never spoken so much about sex in all of my life. I used to be very shy about such a thing. It’s a complete turn around for me. That’s why I mentioned specifically about the asexual groups. I am glad you picked up on the If you are a virgin, it’s good you love yourself enough to keep that for yourself – I too would think the same as you, does that imply that if you are not a virgin, you do not love yourself? I thought this would pose such a question, but as I say I am not a virgin and speak in many of my videos about loving myself and my life, so no, that’s not what I meant. As it’s Quirky Love – It’s all about loving, including yourself, but not in the usual way that people would see. Not many would see that staying a virgin, is loving yourself enough to keep that for yourself, but for those who are pressurised into having sex, they love themselves more than they need the other person and have the guts to say no. That is something I highly commend. None of the people I have come across in the groups, think they are superior because they are a virgin, rather they would stay single than run the risk of someone pressurising them into sex, or having it expected of them in a relationship. They are fighting to keep it. I agree that everyone can be judgemental, that’s why I said you should love others as if you would love yourself and that is a major point of this video. Just accept each other for who they are regardless. I am asexual and don’t like sex, yet I have friends who love it and can tell me so, without worrying. That is a good and healthy relationship. Aces (asexuals) usually prefer cake. I prefer pineapple or sugar free ice cream, and a lot of other things as I don’t like sex at all. I am much more interested in my businesses and career. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. It’s important to get another opinion.


  2. Wow, how is this anyone’s business? I didn’t realize this was a thing beyond high school, where I am sure people lied on both sides of the equation. People need to grow up!

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    1. Hi, thank you so much. Yes, people still get criticised for being a virgin. Some of the people in the groups that I am in, are in their early twenties, and are having peer pressure put on them, others are much older and have still retained their virginity. I think those who criticise should take your advice and grow up. Thanks for sharing your thoughts


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