Be Loved Up On Life – Quirky Love Video One

I am thrilled to be able to bring you, Be Loved Up On Life – Quirky Love Video One, in a series of six, in the run up to Valentine’s Day. Prepared to be quirked. This is a series of Love videos like no other. Prepare to have conventions broken and stereotypes challenge. This is your Quirky Books TV channel, subscribe and join in the Quirky conversation and fun, right now!

These videos are something different for me. Your views matter and I would love to have your feedback, on YouTube, or on here. Please tell me what you think.

Keep Embracing Your Quirky and write soon.


9 thoughts on “Be Loved Up On Life – Quirky Love Video One

    1. Hi Ralph, thanks my friend. I always like to hear what you think. It would seem I am getting into Vlogging. I filmed all 6 videos on Sunday night, I felt a bit worn out after, but in a good way. I had 6 changes of clothing. It was like being an actress on TV, although I ad lib and am very real.

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  1. Great advice, would just say I am guessing you filmed this on a phone, you should really make sure you film on the camera because it can be a little distracting with your hands coming in and out of shot, gesturing is fine when it can be seen properly but in such a narrow window it distracts from concentrating on your wise words 😀

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    1. Hi Paula, thank you for your helpful feedback. Actually it wasn’t filmed on my phone, it was filmed on the camera of my new IPad Mini 3. The one that is featured in this video of mine that was taken using my phone. All older videos from last year, are filmed using my Android phone. They are filmed in a raw, very much unedited, often Roving Reporter style. I have been asked by a blogger to do more of these type and I still have some old and raw footage to upload, that I filmed in the latter part of last year. My videos are intended not to be edited too much – As I am encouraging people to embrace their quirky and be their authentic selves no matter what, I have to be seen to be practicing what I preach.

      I do take your point about the hands. I have already recorded all 6 in the series in this manner, so you may experience the same difficulty. I filmed them with my IPad the opposite way around this time, to get the backdrop in for Valentine’s Day theme. My home is very short of space, will not ideal filming conditions, but that’s part of being raw and quirky. Working with what you have got, doing the best you can, rather than thinking I can’t do it because of this and that.


      1. The background was fine and I love the one take unedited approach, I try to do my own Vlogs in one take the only real editing I do with them is the intro and links bit for the end and the occasional inserted picture in a corner, I also have no problem with the gesturing although I have to be careful not to in my videos simple because my new camera has auto focus and if I move my hands too much my face goes blurry lol

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      2. Thanks for your support, it’s always a bit nerve-wracking doing something different, but I love making videos. I have watched some of your videos and they are natural, which is good. That auto focus sounds a bit frustrating.


  2. Great advice, S. Mom and I are both loved up on life. We have people who make us feel happy, activities that keep us smiling, and when we’re alone, we’re never alone because we have each other!

    Love and licks,

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