Welcome to Daisy’s Quirky 3rd Birthday Piggie Party!

Hi everyone

Happy Birthday - Birthday Princess Daisy
Quirky Piggie Party 3rd Birthday Baloon and Card
Daisy after a visit to the vet to have an Xray and Implant
Love for Daisy
Chestnut in pigloo
Quirky Piggie Party Banner
Side shot of Birthday Banner
Daisy's Birthday Princess Birthday Banner
Daisy and Chestnut back from vets

Today is Daisy’s (black and white) third birthday party. Happy 3rd Birthday Daisy, mummy loves you xxxxxxxx

What Quirky things do you do to celebrate your pet’s birthday?

Daisy had to have an Xray today, to investigate backend hair loss and weight loss. She also has an implant to prevent ovarian cysts. It wasn’t nice as she had to be anaesthetised on her birthday, but better safe than sorry. Thankfully all looked good on the Xrays; heart, liver, lungs and she had eaten well. No visible lumps on the Xray, despite some small ones you can feel in her belly.

The only issue is her teeth, that are slightly sharper than they should be. She will be having a check up in a month’s time to make sure they haven’t grown longer, or become problematic.

Awesome news – I am featured on two websites, including a writing site, and will be talking about those in future posts, so watch this space. Tonight, is Daisy’s special night, and the lime light is all hers.

Write soon and keep embracing your quirky.


34 thoughts on “Welcome to Daisy’s Quirky 3rd Birthday Piggie Party!

      1. Hi Ralph, I was awake in my day job at that time. I am working at home on my day off today and have finally launched my http://www.quirkytraining.com site. Now I have just started working on my http://www.quirky-marketing.com site. That’s why unfortunately, I haven’t been blog commenting and camping out in blogs much lately. I have to complete 6 websites and then I can finish and publish my Break through the barriers of redundancy book. One site was the http://www.quirkytraining.com site that I just mentioned, and this is the second one I am now working on, although one other one I have 3 quarters done.

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      2. Hi Sandra 😀
        Wow ! You are busy ! I hope all these new websites work out for you. I can’t believe that you can run so many. One blog and G+ is enough for me. 😀

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      3. Hi Ralph, thanks. My goal is to be an inspirational speaker on stage in London with my Embrace Your Quirky philosophy; helping others to be their authentic selves in their life and business, to lead a happy, successful and fulfilling existence. This is now my life’s mission. Breaking stereotypes, codes and conventions and acting as a catalyst for people to realise they can be happy being themselves no matter what, regardless of what anyone else thinks. That they can achieve greatness in their life, against the odds and that they can love themselves and every quirky thing about them. I am going to do everything in my power to achieve this, born to do mission. I am currently building my http://www.quirky-marketing.com site. Progressing well. They are all part of my World Of Quirky organisation (that I have yet to build the site for) that is made up of Quirky Academy, Quirky Training, Quirky-Marketing, Quirky Mentoring, (yet to build) Quirky Coaching, (yet to build) Blog Trainer UK, Quirky Books and Beat Redundancy Blues. There are a few others that I have, some are extensions, that will sit nicely within those. My Embrace Your Quirky philosophy, underpins all of those.

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      4. I can see that you are going to have to buy Trump Tower with a million staff and a room for your guinea pigs. Send me a Lear Jet so that I can visit when you make it 😀

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      5. That’s hilarious. I love the part about my guineapigs. Yes, just me and my pigs sounds great. I don’t like flying on a plane, so to get to America would be pretty daunting for me. I cried on the plan to Spain years ago, because I felt like I was falling backwards the whole time that I was up in the air, and that was only for an hour, and I haven’t been on a plane since. I believe my destiny lies on stage in London and I figure people can come to see me. Although, I have a lot of people who follow me from the USA and believe that I live there. I always used to wanted to go to the USA, but at the moment, that is not going to happen.

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      6. Sorry to hear about your flying experience. Unless you are in Business class nowadays you are treated like cattle in cramped seats.
        When I was a kid BOAC treated me like royalty as I was a member of the BOAC Junior Jet Club. Got escorted to and from the plane. Toys on the plane and a visit to the Flight Deck to give the Captain my log book for signing. Loved it !
        You may have to move to London then !

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      7. Hi Ralph, that life of luxury sounds grand. I can commute by train to London. I do love London, I call it my second home, I am just not sure I want to live there, for the moment I am happy where I am. I have lived in my home for over 10 years and love it. It depends what offers I am made. Often speakers go there for an event, or a few events a year, not all of the time.

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      8. Night Ralph. I have work in my part time Tutor role learning about IT stuff, for almost an hour before my day job in a few hours, and I am still working on this site and have to clean my piggies. Oh Happy Days! They will be. Night my friend x

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    1. Thanks so much. Mummy couldn’t get my favourite food treat for my birthday present because they were out of stock. I didn’t like the locust bean treats, they ponged. So mummy owes me a pressie. Mummy says the greatest pressie was having a clear Xray, but my teeth are a little sharp so have to be monitored. I have a check up next month for that xxxx


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