10 Reasons Why I Love Being A Course Content Writer and Designer

Hi everyone

Blog Training for Business Fast Track Masterclass leaflets

I love being a Course Content Writer and Designer of WordPress, Twitter and Facebook for recovery courses, for the NHS; and now of my own Blog Training For Business Fast Track Masterclasses.

When I first started this blog, my intention was to practice my writing skills and talk about my favourite subject, that is writing, to help other writers. When I thought of writing, I never considered being a Course Content Writer, but that’s what I am now, amongst my many other hats, and I absolutely adore it.

This week I have been designing, creating and printing, this double sided leaflet, in the form of a tri-folded brochure, to promote my masterclasses. I have done work experience in newspapers before and have always wanted to design and create things like this, and now I can, for my own businesses. It is a fantastic feeling.

Course content writing is time consuming, but very rewarding when people learn something by the time the course has finished.

10 Reasons why I love being a Course Content Writer:

1) I get to do a ton of non-fiction writing.
2) I teach people new skills and update their existing ones.
3) It’s a challenge to be able to get all important information fitted in,  within a given timescale.
4) I get to accommodate different people’s learning styles.
5) It deciplines me.
6) I thrive under pressure to meet deadlines.
7) I get to creatively think up new teaching material.
8) It’s fun.
9) It’s fulfilling and makes me feel accomplished.
10) I have to learn more things to teach my students, so I grow my own personal development at the same time.

If you have never considered being a Course Content Writer, you should try it.

Write soon

8 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Love Being A Course Content Writer and Designer

    1. Hi Emily, that is lovely of you. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your support. My http://www.youtube.com/quirkybooksTV channel is an extension of this blog . There are videos of me with my guineapigs; going to interesting places such as the Digital Revolution Exhibition, there is an hilarious one with my IPad. I will be expanding on the type of videos in the beginning of next year as I said to Jonathan in my reply to his comment, but I still have some Disneyland Paris videos to publish on there yet.

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      1. Hi Emily, sorry, I guess I wrote that the wrong way. I meant videos or me and my guineapigs and of me going on day trips, such as to the Digital revolution exhibition. My piggies do go on vacation with me to my parents though, at such times like Christmas.

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    1. Hi Jonathan, I am glad my excitement shines through, because I am very passionate about it. When I took a year out from working in a day job, I did a PTTLS level 4 teacher/course to obtain the qualification first. The course is awesome. It taught me how to write session plans, about using different resources to accommodate different learning styles. It taught me how to structure the sessions so they would be informative, logical in sequence and to timescale. It taught me what to do if things go wrong about equality and differentiation. I had to teach a class for 45 minutes as my exam piece; along with cousework. For the NHS courses that I teach, I need a minimum of Level 3, and some people are taking the qualification alongside their current co-tutoring. To be honest I think course content writing comes quite naturally to me, because I love working with fact and non-fiction, I love time keeping and organisational skills. I also have a Diploma in Administration/Personal Assistant’s Level 4, and an Information Advice and Guidance Diploma, although these aren’t necessary, they help in terms of skills needed and back up your qualifications when being interviewed for employment. To be a Course Content Writer, you ideally need to be teaching the course, or have previously taught it, to know what works and what doesn’t, so you can make adjustments to the finalised course model. I am currently the lead teacher/trainer for all of the courses I write.

      I was recommended for the role of Peer Trainer because I had previously suffered with depression and anxiety. So in my quirky case, it helped having previously had a lived experience of mental health, as it’s a requirement of the Peer Trainer position I now hold. I was recommended by the person who I was referred to for employment help, while managing my mental health condition. I got the job and she was my first Co-Tutor. Because of all of my then 2 years blogging experience (that is now 4 years) and my PTTLS qualification, I naturally took on designing the course content (thinking it up and writing it up) in the ideal format for students with mental health difficulties. I teach that for the Recovery Learning Community (NHS), that will eventually be a Recovery Learning College. They have Recovery Colleges dotted around the UK; so if you live in the UK, it’s worth checking your local area, to see if they have one.

      As I run my own businesses, I have been on a ton of business courses and learnt a lot of stuff to pass onto other businesses, there was also a demand for a blog training for business course from local businesses; so I have adapted what I created and teach for the NHS combined with what I have learnt in my businesses, for creating the content for my Blog Training for Business Masterclasses. I teach these on a self employed basis. I was teaching for the NHS as a self employed person, but from the first of December, I now work for the NHS Partnership Trust. I still have a full time day job too, because at the moment I can’t make a full time living at it, but I do love it. Has that answered your question? Thanks for stopping by.

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      1. Hi Jonathan, thank you so much for your encouraging and beautiful words. I am thankfully on an incredible quirky journey. I teach my masterclasses as http://www.blogtrainer.co.uk and have my own educational institution at http://www.quirkyacademy.com. I am building a whole quirky brand and have my own http://www.youtube.com/quirkybooksTV channel. I have vary recently become a YouTube partner and will be doing lots more videos on YouTube next year, including how-to blogging videos for beginners, and especially videos about my Embrace Your Quirky philosophy, that I used to free myself of depression, without meds. I will be discussing how to embrace your quirky in my different aspects of your life. I will also be talking anout my Break through the barriers of redundancy book, that I will self publish next year.

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