Quirky Books Has 500 WordPress Followers – Personal Message Of Thanks

Hi Everyone

Wow! I now have over 500 WordPress.com followers of this blog! This last year has been so amazing for me. I have gone from 100 Follows on 29th of March last year, to 500 on the 17th of December this year. I couldn’t have done this without you, so here is my personal message of thanks to you.

500 Followers Of This Quirky Books Blog
quirkybooks 100 Followers
Quirky Books 100 Followers, March 29th 2013


17 thoughts on “Quirky Books Has 500 WordPress Followers – Personal Message Of Thanks

    1. Hi Mihran, it’s lovely to have positive feedback from you. There is enough negativity in the world, so positivity is always welcome. As you have probably seen from my other videos, they are meant to be authentic, natural and raw, as I state in my I’m so excited! Video.


      1. Hi Ralph, awwwww, thank you my friend. That’s a great confidence boost. I would love to do television presenting and now I can on my own YouTube channel. I ad libbed all of that. I only cut the bit out of my switching the IPad off. When I was 15, I got told to go to Drama school by my drama teacher, because I was good at a drama piece we did, but I was too shy back then! I used to do volunteer hospital radio presenting for 17 years, and I have been on TV twice. In Torchwood, series one, episode 13. I was screaming and running away from a monster, in a white pvc jacket, I still have the jacket. I was also in the trailer doing that. I have appeared live on Channel 4’s the TV show, debating Big Brother, I was against it. I am born to be in the media. I want to be a successful, inspirational entrepreneur speaker on stage in London in the future. If a TV presenting job came up, that I liked, it would be good, but hoping my embrace your quirky videos will be helpful and take off next year on my YouTube channel. I still have some fun videos to share. Including my favourite of me screaming on a rollercoaster.

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      2. Thanks Ralph. I don’t think any other bloggers knew all of that about me from reading my blog. We must watch this space. I uploaded a new thumbnail for my thank tou post. It’s almost 8am on Christmas Eve and I haven’t been to sleep yet, due to Christmas present wrapping and Facebook catch up. Happy Christmas my friend.


      1. It was a sweet way to say thanks to people who follow you and support you. I’m impressed with the fact you do videos! I won’t put my mug on video and I don’t even like pictures of me…LOL!
        You are more than welcome and so glad to be a part of making you feel so good! 😀

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      2. Hi Courtney, thanks for your positive feedback. You definitely make me feel good. Embracing my Quirky, I wore no make up in the video and completely ad libbed.


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