John Lewis’s Monty and Mable – Take Over the UK

Hi everyone

Monty the penguin
Monty and Mable John Lewis Ad
Monty John Lewis Ad
Monty the Penguin



John  Lesi's Monty
Monty and Mable John Lewis Ad


It would seem John Lewis’s Monty and Mayble take over the UK with their heartwarming tale, and fluffy cute looks, as John Lewis can’t keep up with popular demand for them.

Having worked in retail for over 17 years, for a day job I work in the Rolls Royce of retail, that is John Lewis.

Monty and Mable keep selling out at stagger rates. We had about 50 come into our store this morning, and in less than 2 hours of them being put out onto the shelves, all of them had gone.

I am fortune enough to be able to experience the magic first hand, as you can see from the photos.

Happy Christmas, keep embracing your quirky and write soon


11 thoughts on “John Lewis’s Monty and Mable – Take Over the UK

    1. It’s the John Lewis advert that tells a story and Monty and Mable are the main characters in it. However, there is an annual available. Did you know I nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award in my last post?

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  1. They are absolutely gorgeous, Sandra, lucky you! Thank you also for your neat blog nomination; I havent blogged since June with all that’s been going on in my life including my move back to Britain after 21 years on the Continent, however I fully intend to get back to writing as one of my new year’s resolutions. If we don’t mail beforehand, I wish you a wonderful, quirky Christmas, love Louise xx

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    1. No problem. Your husband’s health is the number 1 priority. I have blog awards from about a year ago that I haven’t begun to nominate for yet. Whereabouts are you now living?


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