Guinea Pig Snow Birthday Party Present Opening

Hi everyone

Snow had her 2nd Birthday on October 15th, and I took a video of her birthday party present opening. I think her YouTube debut is fantastic and she is such a natural performer. Check out her performance and tell me what you think.

Snow is still being looked after by my mum, because she continues to be on antibiotics from her mouth operation. She had a set back. Last weekend she stopped eating. The vet said it seemed to be a tooth problem, so she had two injections and an increase in her antibiotics. She also has a wart, and a small hard lump from where the tube went into her cheek. Thankfully she is eating well again, and the lump and wart are not to be worried about.

I just finished working 10 days in a row. On my two days off from my day job this week, I had my staff induction for the Devon NHS Partnership Trust. It went well, and I will continue to teach for them, on an employed, rather than a self-employed basis. I will still be doing all of the other self-employed business stuff that I do. For those of you who don’t know, the NHS Partnership Trust, provides services to those with mental health difficulties, and disabilities.

Tell me what you think of Snow’s Debut?

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12 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Snow Birthday Party Present Opening

    1. Hi Carole, I am glad you like her. She has been poorly since then with a mouth abscess that she had to have surgery for, and then a tooth problem. She is still at my mum’s recovering with anti-biotics and painkillers. She has been with my mum for almost two moths now. She can look after her a lot better while I am working. I have Chestnut and Daisy with me.


    1. Hi Ralph, I didn’t know who had given me the thumbs up, but it’s great and awesome to know it’s you. I still have videos to post from London and Disneyland. Next year, I am going to be doing a lot of embrace your quirky videos, straight to camera, about how to be our authentic self in all aspects of our lives. I will be launching my website and have just got my embraceyourquirky page on Facebook, but haven’t secured the page name yet, because I need 25 Likes and I only launched it in the early hours of the 11th. Please leave your comments for me, I always love to know what you think and the thumbs up really encourages me to make more videos. thank so much my friend. I hope you are feeling better?

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      1. Sorry Sandra. I am steering well clear of FB as I deleted my profile a few months back. I have to keep Google+. When I tried to delete that profile of mine it took with it my YouTube profile. So had to restore Google+.
        I find that with my hands as they are a single WP blog is enough for me to cope with.
        I hope you reach your 25 FB Likes soon as I am sure that you will. 😀

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      2. Hi Ralph, that’s fine, thanks for replying and being honest with me. I got my 25 Likes on each page now, so have secured the page names and can breath a sigh of relief. I just need to get them up to 30 now, to get insights. I have messaged some people who are my ‘friends’ on there, so hopefully that will happen soon. I like a lot of people’s pages on there, it’s a a shame that some are not so quick in that respect. Nevermind, at least I secured the names. I am flat out working most of the time. Including into the early hours. Get well soon. Hugs .

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      3. I am glad that you got the 25 Likes that you needed Sandra. I am a bit worried that you are taking on too much and maybe overdo it and burn out. But you know what’s best for you. Hugs back ❤

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