17 thoughts on “Sizzling With Science

  1. Dear Ms. Sandra
    Happy new year 2015. I check your blog. You post a lot of things that happen in your life, so much fun. How’s your grandmother? Is she still with her friends?

    I also love science. It may be useful: Now, we no longer have an ego in the one field of science. You have seen at that museum , the universe, associated with all science: Religion science, science and technology, social science, quantum physics, and metaphysics. Space shuttle, to investigate the universe, related to intelligence, the nervous system, consciousness, perception, cognition, metallurgy, energy, funding approval from society, politics, and the search for a new earth. Up to human psychology, become unlimited self ability. Also, associated with a small, how an astronaut in his childhood interested in going into space, then the motivation it became a powerful energy.

    The easiest way to get everything, is to use all of science. happy new year Miss Sandra, I am very happy reading the news from you. 🙂 Hilal Achmar.

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    1. Hi Hilal, I understand what you are saying. As you know, I have a special energy and creative mind within me, that gives me the power to be unstoppable and that is what I am going to continue to build upon in 2015. I plan to do more Videos on my http://www.youtube.com/user/quirkybooksTV channel, all about Embracing Your Quirky, that will cover so many different topics. It’s an extension of this blog. If you want to subscribe, it would be great to have your support. I am glad you love my blog, I am assuming you received my Real Neat Blog award?

      Sadly, my Grandma died in the nursing home with me holding her hand on Friday 13th of June this year. She was a best friend to me, so it was hard, but her brain died in that nursing home to be honest and although she technically died of a chest infection, as me and you both know, when the mind dies inside, so does the body. I talked to her for over and hour after she died, still holding her hand, so if she could hear still, like they say you can, she would have heard how much I love her and will miss her. I did a blog post about it – Remembering My Grandma With Love Always. I did a post on this blog and on my http://www.beatredundancyblues.wordpress.com blog.

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      1. Dear Ms. Sandra. I understand you have abundant energy. You manage a lot of social media, which require high intelligence to organize. We both understand that energy is the origin of all matter, if we look at the Einstein law of relativity with another point of view. Successful people all over the world, using their energy creatively, to see the future of their jobs. Energy Focus is the key. Eliza Bennett focus on artistry, Simon Cowell on record producer, Bill Gates focus on software, Sir Richard Branson on business, Peter Howitt on the film, Sir Timothy Berners-Lee on the World Wide Web, etc..
        My condolences to your grandmother. Lastly, I know from you, he is in a place with his friends the same age.

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      2. Thanks. She is with my Grandad, although we still have her ashes to scatter, so she isn’t quite gone. My dad bought me a special necklace, with some of her ashes in it, so I will never be without her.


      3. Thanks. I knew what you meant. She supported me in my career 100%.

        My goal is to be an inspirational speaker on stage in London, through my Embrace Your Quirky philosophy, that I will be teaching more about next year. It’s about being our authentic self, bot matter what. I am an astute business woman, but also a fun loving young girl and I embrace both of these in everything I do. I break codes and conventions, live a very young and unconventional quirky life and wouldn’t change it for one minute. I like having fun and magic in my life 24/7. I am romantic, just with myself. I break the trodden of not mixing business with pleasure and vamp it all up. People can see the business me and the kid me, they all role into one. I am my business/brand and it’s me. ( My quirky marketing tagline is mixing your business, with your pleasure – I am building that website soon.) I love being busy, keeping active and being young and I won’t change that for anyone. I know you always support me. You see my creativity and energy and like me for who I am. God bless you, always and keep you safe.

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      4. Your future will be good to become an inspirational speaker. Your job requires a lot of new knowledge about reality. Attendees typically has a reality that is not really real in their lives. I’ve talked with medical students, doctors, lawyers, real estate businessmen, teachers, professors, etc., who felt that they had the knowledge of the most good science. I inform them, that all the science in the same, is that human beings be happy, healthy and prosperous. This is the new reality for them, when I pointed out: Starbucks’ Howard Schultz Grew up in a housing complex for the poor. I hope, you give a new reality for the reader of your blog and the audience when you speak.

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      5. Hi Hilal, do you mean that all human beings really want is to be healthy, happy and prosperous?

        I am doing a lot of Embrace Your Quirky videos in 2015. I just published my first Happy New Year Inspirational message, with my Guinea pig Chestnut. I would love to know what you think of it? I like to keep my videos natural and real – I am not going for the total polished look, I am going for the real, raw and authentic, Embrace Your Quirky look and environment, that I am encouraging my viewers/blog community/followers to adopt. To be their authentic self no matter what!


  2. What is the biggest object in our solar system?

    a) the sun
    b) Jupiter
    c) the moon
    d) Simon Cowell’s ego

    Looks like an awesome place. I have been to the Science Museum in London and the Space centre in Leicester. They are awesome places

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    1. Thanks Mihrank. I love science museums, not history very much, but science is awesome. I still have photos to share from Disneyland Paris and London, including the London Science Museum. I also have some more videos to publish on my YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/quirkybooksTV including one of me screaming on a rollercoaster, that I will embed on here. It’s hilarious and very exciting.


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