Remembering Snuggles with Love

Hi everyone


Thanks for your wishes for my 4 year Bloggerversary.

Things are starting to look up, since my 5 weeks of sadness, and intense tender hooks with my guineapigs. Losing Cinnamon, and then Snuggles exactly a month later, has been a huge blow.

Thankfully, Snow is on the mend from her operation for a bad mouth abscess. She is going to be on antibiotics for another month, and still being looked after by my mum.

I have to say, I am still grieving for Snuggles. Despite the fact, I still have Daisy and Chestnut, it is a lot quieter than it used to be in my flat, and the atmosphere is different. I am trying to get used to it, but it’s hard.

Someone upset me in my day job, by making insensitive comments about my guineapigs and laughing. I won’t go into what they said, but it caused me to cry. At the end of the day, they apologised, but it made my grief worse. Add to that, some colleagues had not been happy with me taking time off for my piggies, it has made me think about the situation a lot more. Instead of just focusing on the future, like I was trying to do, and coping with my loss, I feel I have been grieving, and back in a head place that’s not as healthy. Although my Grandma died in June, her ashes have not yet been scattered.

Having said all of that, I am still looking towards an awesome future. I have just relaunched my newly designed site, that is much better than the previous version.

I have been mentoring some people in their businesses and now starting to officially launch my services, as part of my Quirky empire/business. Specialising in Quirky Mentoring reports for businesses. I have yet to build the website; but I just launched on Twitter with my and Facebook page,

I am already getting a lot of followers for my account on Twitter, and I haven’t finished building the site yet. I just launched Quirky Coaching on Facebook at As you can imagine, being quirky, it’s like no other coaching that I know of on the planet. In the fact it breaks the codes and conventions of traditional coaching, by mixing advice and coaching together. Rules are, you don’t give advice in a coaching session. From my own personal experience of being coached, that’s what I didn’t like about traditional coaching. I want to think up ideas myself, but if I can’t, I want advice from someone with experience, knowledge or information, that may help me to advance my career quicker – Hey presto, that’s what Quirky Coaching is all about. Incorporating the 6 principles of Quirky Coaching success: Consult/Advise/Mentor/Coach/Train/Evaluate. Using a combination of some, or all of these, to get the desired result.

I want to take this opportunity to remember Snuggles with love, and post a never seen before photos of me and Snugs, along with photos of the plant, the vets sent to me, with their condolences. They also sent me a belated card for Cinnamon’s death.

Snuggles licked the tears from my face, after my Grandma died, when I was in my home alone. She was physically there for me, when others weren’t. That’s priceless and special, I feel I owe her so much. I hope I can move on and the hole in my heart will heal. I miss Snuggles so much. Love you my baby forever xxxxxxxx

As I type this, I am poorly with a tummy bug and flu like symptoms. I went to sleep yesterday for the night, just after 5.30pm. That is unheard of for me.

I know I haven’t commented much on your blogs recently, and for that I apologise. I often think of you, I am just flat out with so much work at the moment, and not getting as much time to blog. I need to build and finish 6 websites before Christmas, and finalise my Break through the barriers of redundancy book. Thanks for your patience, loyalty and support. It is very much appreciated.

I hope you have a great week and I will write as soon as I am able to.


27 thoughts on “Remembering Snuggles with Love

  1. I’m glad things are looking up for you Sandra (and many congratulations on your four years of blogging, as well as with how well you are building up your business!) despite the hurts and grief you have recently suffered. Such a sweet photo and beautiful plant, how kind of the vets to do that. You are so positive but I know that these things can still lay us low. Sending you huge hugs and just to say I’m thinking of you… ❤

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    1. Hi Sherri, thanks. I am trying really hard to build up my businesses and was thrilled that recently someone approached me via Twitter to be their mentor. Still getting upset over Snugs, but where there are downs, there are always ups.

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  2. Well, now I am in tears, too! I know the pain of losing pets, but to lose two that close together has to be really hard. My dog, Brownie, who is 12 now licks my tears, too. She was really there for me when my parents died. Now I am having to be strong for her. She is having colon issues and we are giving her all the medicine and special food, but sometimes she is in so much pain until she can go! It is dreadful to feel so helpless. Otherwise on her good days she seems to be fine.

    Thank you so much for your comments on my artwork. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog. 🙂 I hope the rest of your week is good.


    1. I feel for you. That’s terrible Brownie, is so sick. I really hope a miracle happens and she becomes well again. Has the vet said anything about changing her diet? Snuggles had yellow liver, it was badly damaged and carrots that are high in calcium, seem to have contributed to that condition. All my piggies in the past have eaten carrot everyday and all the piggie care books recommend carrots in their diet for vitamin c. Now I don’t give her daughter Daisy, any carrots, as she still has some tummy lumps and is a daily risk. Her lumps have been recently checked and are okay at present as small. She will have to have another inplant in 6 months to a year’s time, to prevent ovarian cancer and more lumps. She’s survived 2 lump ops so far. She the last piggie left that is related to Snugs, whomi still cry over and can’t believe she’s gone. Since not giving Daisy carrots, one of her lumps has reduced in size. Maybe some foods affect Brownies colon, because she can’t digest them properly? Have they suggested a diabetes check? I love the name Brownie, by the way. Does she look like a chocolate brownie?
      Did I read it right? You lost both parents – That’s awful. You must be such a strong woman. How are you managing to cope with that?


      1. I’m so sorry about your beloved pets who are gone. I didn’t know carrots were so high in calcium. I have been giving Brownie baby carrots for years, but the vet said they are okay. They never said anything about it, and her blood work is okay. Her problem is not digesting food properly. The muscles in her colon are very weak and that is what the medications are for. They are supposed to help her pass her digested food easier, but she also has a vertabra that isn’t lined up right by her tail and is making it difficult for her to use the muscles. It is hard to explain, but it just isn’t anything we can really get fixed.

        Losing my mom was the hardest, because we were so close. It took me several years to get over it, but I just remember all of our good times. She bought our kids Hallmark Christmas ornaments evey year she was alive and asked me to continue the tradition after she was gone, so getting all of those out every year at Christmas is hard, but she loved Christmas so it is good.

        Losing my dad was very different, because he was an alcoholic until I was 26 when he (and I) both got sober. We experienced a lot of healing after that and became as close as he was capable of being. He loved my kids and helped me a lot when they were little. So even though losing him was painful, it was different, because we just didn’t have the same kind of relationship.


      2. Sorry to hear about Brownie and the food she can’t digest. I ended up going to hospital by ambulance in December last year, and that lead to be not digesting my food properly. I was on 8 tablets a day. I now take digestive enzymes twice a say, forever, and I can digest foods properly again.

        I have always fed previous piggies carrots, but I no longer feed Daisy and Chestnut them and Daisy’s lumps appear to have reduced in size.

        Thanks for telling me about your parents. Hugs.

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      3. Also, I really don’t feel like a very strong person. When stress gets super high for me like in those times of losing my parents, I shut down for short periods of time. God and my husband and children are who helped me learn to cope and heal. 🙂

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      4. Maybe it’s not. When a hole is left in your heart, it’s hard. When it’s more than one hole, it can be horrendous. All we can do is keep looking forward and loving what we do have. Hugs xx


  3. Your story makes my eyes teary. I can only imagine how important snuggles was to you. Indeed we never fully comprehend the emotional turmoil one may be going through till we find ourselves in the same situation. But, to me, you seem like a really strong woman since it is only strong people who master enough courage to share their deepest emotional experiences and fears. I have no doubt that you will emerge stronger than before.

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    1. Hi Gilbert, thanks for your wonderful comments. You know me well. Yep, I have had to be strong and always will. I have been working the last 5 days in a row in my day job, then every evening for my self employed work. Last night and now, I am crying over Snuggles. She was my best friend, just like my Grandma was and I miss her and my Grandma, a lot. Cinnamon was the King of the household. Losing 2 pigs in a month, is tough. It’s completely changed the dynamics of my household and createda completely different atmosphere. It’s hard. I still have a lot to be thankful for. A lot of good stuff is in my life and I am proppelling forward with my career. I still have my other piggies. Although Daisy has an ongoing lump problem and she isa daily worry and Snow is still on anti-biotics from a mouth abscess and being looked after by my mum. I am completely different from years ago. Years ago I suffered with depression, now I can see light and positivity in most situations. I am no longer afraid to show my deep emotions and I always embrace my quirky self, no matter what. I live my life by my own quirky philosophy. I also write posts from the heart on my blog.

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  4. Thinking of you! You will be okay, time heals everything. You are blessed with awesome loving memories, so hold on to those. Those that make cruel comments deserve pity as they lack understanding. People can be quite clueless sometimes. Good luck with the new ventures and I hope that you are feeling 100% real soon! Blessings! 🙂

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    1. Hi Star, you are always a shinning star to me. Thanks for your kind comments. You are right, they don’t understand, another person at work was telling me they are not my babies the other day. Thank the lord, someone turned it around on them, by asking, why are you being so negative. I am going to remember that one in the future. These people are suppose to be my friends too.


      1. Even a good friend can sometimes make a stupid comment. People oftentimes don’t know how to deal with the “different”. You chose not to have a cat or a dog that makes you different. I say, as you say, enjoy your quirkness and ignore the small minded ones! Blessings! 🙂

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  5. sorry for your loss
    people can be so cruel sometimes
    congratulations and thank you for following
    I am following I love books and animals too 🙂


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