Dona Nobis Pacem – Blog Blast 4 Peace

It doesn’t matter what background, race, religion, sexual orientation, culture or philosophy you have, it’s what’s in your heart that counts. So long as there is goodness, kindness, understanding, acceptance, and a willingness to not kill or harm others, that’s what counts. Let’s blog for peace, happiness, life, love and health. We are in one world, let us unite as one. #blogquirky

Hutch A Good Life

Today is a special day. Not only is it almost remembrance day (11th November) here in the UK but also Blog Blast 4 Peace.

Whee are supporting both in similar ways really. Our hooman will be wearing two poppies this year. Red for remembrance and White for peace.


Our Blog 4 Peace symbol is this:

Let us all put our paws together and blog 4 peace. Life is too short to waste on wars and killing. Violence is not the way forwards. Our Mummy wrote this:

There’s no need for fighting,

There’s no need for pain,

There’s no need for killing,

Or wars that end the same.

There’s no need for violence,

Or for the helpless to be hurt,

Or for those who once suffered,

To now be in the dirt.

There is need for peace now,

It’s what we fighting for,

Because until we all find it,

There’s too much…

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