Who Else, is Young, Free and Asexy?

Hi everyone

It’s time to celebrate Asexual Awareness Week.

Asexual Awareness Week
Asexual Awareness Week – Image from Asexual Aces Community on Facebook

Being quirky and different, it will come as no surprise to you that I am asexual. A heteromaticgrey asexual cougar, to be precise. I only discovered this around March/April time this year and I have to say the Asexual communities are awesome. It’s great to be able to chat online with like-minded people, who have a similar sense of humour and share some of the same values and beliefs as me. Of course, being completely quirky, I am a grey asexual, meaning that I don’t quite fit any specific type and it’s almost impossible to find a suitable romantic match. So for now, I will continue to be, young, free and Asexy – Well, I will let you decide on the latter.

Asexual Awareness Week
Asexuality Awareness Week – Image from Asexual Groups page on Facebook

There are so many variables with the asexual spectrum and someone who says they are just asexual, means they don’t experience sexual attraction. A lot of asexuals won’t want or care for sex, or be bothered about it one way or the other. A lot won’t like much kissing, if any at all.

What does a heteromanticgrey asexual cougar mean for me? Well, being quirky should give it away.

I categorically don’t like sex. I experience romantic and sensual attraction, and usually to guys, and only guys, who younger than me. Often in their early to mid twenties. Mostly foreign guys actually. I get attracted to their face and can relate well to guys that age group, as most of my male friends are in their early to mid twenties. I love lots of kissing and affection, which is where the grey area comes into it. I also don’t want kids or marriage, which a lot of asexual people do.

Never be afraid to be who you are. I don’t fit into the social norms, I break conventions and it’s great. I love embracing my quirky. Otherwise, I would be living for others and not me. So be who you want to be and enjoy your life implicitly.

Who else is young, free and Asexy?

Who else thinks they may be asexual, but not sure?

If you think you may be asexual or want to know more about it here is a link to a helpful site: http://www.asexuality.org You can also search for asexual groups on Facebook.

13 thoughts on “Who Else, is Young, Free and Asexy?

    1. Hi,

      Thank you so much for the compliments.

      Asexuality is an orientation that in general is not spoken about much, for fear of what others will say or think. However, in Facebook groups and on asexual dating sites, there are hundreds and thousands of asexual people. A fair amount of them live in silence for years. A lot of asexuals know there are many people who have sex without love and therefore there is no reason why you can’t have love without sex. It’s totally true. Some people can’t have sex for various reasons, it doesn’t mean they are any less capable of love. I fall in love with someone through connectivity of mind, spirit and soul and that’s a beautiful thing.


      1. It is a new concept for me but it makes perfect sense, as you said, if there is sex without love, there can be love without sex.
        To me sex is a complement, like the glue that holds a couple together. Something like the icing on the cake. But sex is the intimacy, the kissing, holding each other, etc, etc.
        I don’t know why I am going on and on. I haven’t had any in years and don’t really miss it lol I miss companionship some times.
        but now you got me thinking …:-)


      2. Thanks so much for your comments and as always, for being open and honest. I totally respect your answers. I know a lot of people think it’s important in a relationship. As I am a bit sex repulsed actually, well quite a lot repulsed, intellectual and emotional connection would be my compliment and form of bonding. I think if our mind, soul and spirit, is linked and cemented by a unique bond, our relationship will endure the test of time. Long after the body has worn out. I don’t associate sex with love at all. To me, making love and sex are both intercourse and an echange of bodily fluids, and I don’t need that to love someone.


  1. I was so glad when I found out about asexuality. Before that I defined myself as a lesbian, but I just want to live with a female friend or girlfriend, maybe wife, but without sex. 🙂

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    1. Hi Kasia, welcome to my world of quirky. Thanks for sharing your story. I can relate to what you are saying. I am still into guys and really enjoy kissing and affection but I have never liked sex. I can love someone through connecting deeply with them, emotionally and intelligently. I believe it’s far more important to be connected in mind, spirit and soul than ever doing ‘that. Finding out I was asexual was amazing. There are hundreds and thousands of asexuals around the world, yet a lot feel they have to live in silence


    1. Hi Goodwitch, great to hear from you. Thanks so much. I am very open and honest and I am glad you can see that. No point in not being true to who I am. I lived a past life, that was not me, now I love being quirky. I will keep embracing it and encourage everyone else to embrace their quirky too. I own worldofquirky.com and embraceyourquirky.com but haven’t built those websites yet. I love living in a quirky world and bubble, it’s fantastic. Thanks for your support.


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