A Loving Memory Poem About Snuggles From Hutachagoodlife – Thank you

In Loving Memory Of My Snuggles Who Sadly Died This Morning

wpid-20140502_204957.jpg wpid-20140502_210335.jpg wpid-20140502_210422.jpg

A huge thank you to hutchagoodlife.wordpress.com from the bottom of my heart, for these lovely words and your beautiful poem. You have touched my heart and soul. Snuggles would have loved the poem, just as much as I do.

Whee are utterly heartbroken and so very very sorry for your loss.

Snuggles may have passed away,
And your heart’s clearly breaking,
But remember all the good times,
And let them ease the aching.
Let the memory of her squeak,
And the smile on her lips,
Bring you some small comfort,
When your heart’s in griefs grips.
She is no longer of this Earth,
Over the Rainbow Bridge she stays,
Happy, free and painlessly,
In the meadows in the sky she plays.
So dry your tears,
And take my hand,
Smile my dear friend,
Because, like a circle,
Her life and your love,
Will surely never end.

You are in our thoughts


28 thoughts on “A Loving Memory Poem About Snuggles From Hutachagoodlife – Thank you

      1. Thanks. After 5 bad weeks, I am hoping better times lay ahead. I am teaching Blogging for business fast track masterclasses at the Phoenix centre in Exeter next year.


      2. Awww! Bless you. Thanks for you support. It’s almost 5.30am here and I have to get up for my day job in about 2 hours time so need to go to sleep. I have been working on Eventbrite for my Blog Training for Business masterclasses and my http://www.blogtrainer.co.uk site, that is still under construction.


      3. Wow, I was looking at your site and it looks awesome. You have certainly been putting a lot time into it! I am sure it will be a success and all your hard work will pay off!
        I don’t know how you can function on just a couple of hours sleep. Best of luck! 🙂


      4. Thank you so much, it’s great to get your positive feedback. It’s hard to know what it looks like to others when I am the one creating it. I tend to be very self critical so I feel really good about it now.


    1. Hi Ste, thanks. I need all the hugs I can get right now. It’s been a hard few weeks. Losing Cinnamon on the 24th of September, then Snuggles on the 24th of October, and Snow was rushed to the vets for emergency surgery o Monday.


      1. You may have been replying to my -Be a warrior in your own life post? I am posting a lot of updates at moment. I also have a post, I need to post this week, so had better get a shift on later with that one and all of my other work. Snow and Daisy have checkups this morning.


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