In Loving Memory Of My Snuggles Who Sadly Died This Morning

Hi everyone






Sadly Snuggles died at the vets at around 3am this morning. I got a phone call at around 9am.

I have felt devastated all day, upset, and really sorry I could not have Snuggled/C2013-10-12 08.52.13uddled her for longer yesterday, because I felt so faint in the vets.

Today I have had to do practical things, that I really wasn’t in the mood for. I had to go to the bank to transfer money for rent and set up two accounts. Including, one for pet insurance. I also had to take the money out of my ISA to pay for Snuggles’s operation.

After the excruciating amount of money I have spent over last year and this year, I need to insure Snow and Chesnut. As Daisy had a lump problem before, and may still have one (check-up this Thursday), I cannot insure her for that, but I can for other illnesses that are non-related to any pre-existing conditions.

To my beautiful Snuggles:

Your eyes are gleaming,

Your love is beaming,

A ray of sunshine back into my heart.

I remember you as a baby,

Your tiny nose,

Furry coat

And fluffy whiskers

You always had such a bounce and spring in your step,

You lived your life with no regret,

You wheeked and wheeked for your favourite veg,

You bumbled along, bold and amazing.

You were a warrior and my hero,

Seeing you yesterday come back to life, from almost dead, was incredible,

You are sensational,

You are my bestest friend

And you always will be.

You licked my tears away from my face

With your gentle grace,

As I cried uncontrollably from my Grandma’s death.

Even though you were frailer,

Your eyes squinting and paler,

You still made the effort to lick my tears this week,

You were a second mum to me.

You were so cute, cuddly and snuggly.

You loved snuggling under my chin,

If guineapigs could smile,

You would have had an awesome grin.

You were the most beautiful and precious pig,

A gorgeous tri-colour.

If I grow up to be half as strong as you were,

I will be so proud of me,

But best of all,

I will always be so proud of you my dearest Snuggles,

You will forever be,

My little baby.

I love you with all of my heart,

Now and forever,

One day we will again be together,

But for now,

I will enjoy each and every minute of life.

Because to be alive is great,

It’s the greatest blessing and comfort of all,

I love you forever and more,

Eight good luck kisses for you


Say hello to Peaches and Cinnamon too.

I am happy we discussed death in your final days,

So it’s not such a haze,

But a sacred place where we have been together,

I love you, come what may be the weather.

We will always be furry soul mates,

With no hesitate.

I love you until eternity and back.

My dear Snuggles,

I am thrilled you lived to be three,

Now go and be pain free,

Play in the garden of heaven,

I would say save a place for me,

But I don’t want to tempt my fate,

I want to live to be a hundred,

Or much later.

I still have hope, optimism and positivity,

You always inspired that within me.

I love you for that and all of your amazing ways,

I love you for you, always xxxxxxxx

36 thoughts on “In Loving Memory Of My Snuggles Who Sadly Died This Morning

    1. Hi Marge, thanks. All healing vibes and hugs are most welcome. It’s been a hard 5 weeks. Cinnamon died on the 24th of September, Snuggles on the 24th of October and Snow rushed in for emergency surgery for an abscess to her left cheek, on Monday this week.


      1. Thanks so much Sandra and please don’t worry about replying. I’m just quickly catching up with blogging and won’t get to my emails until tomorrow. Hope you are okay… ❤

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      2. Hi Sherri, thanks. Looks like I will have to delay emailing you back. Snow now has an abscess to the left side of her face. Mum and dad have just been over to syringe feed her as she had stopped eating and drinking. She will need to see the vet tomorrow morning as an emergency before I teach. Daisy has to have a lump check on Thursday.


      3. No worries at all Sandra, please don’t even think about it. There is nothing to reply to really, we’ll keep in touch as and when, it’s no trouble. You take care of all you need to and just know you are in my thoughts and prayers… >3

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  1. Whee are utterly heartbroken and so very very sorry for your loss.

    Snuggles may have passed away,
    And your heart’s clearly breaking,
    But remember all the good times,
    And let them ease the aching.
    Let the memory of her squeak,
    And the smile on her lips,
    Bring you some small comfort,
    When your heart’s in griefs grips.
    She is no longer of this Earth,
    Over the Rainbow Bridge she stays,
    Happy, free and painlessly,
    In the meadows in the sky she plays.
    So dry your tears,
    And take my hand,
    Smile my dear friend,
    Because, like a circle,
    Her life and your love,
    Will surely never end.

    You are in our thoughts


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    1. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you from the bottom of my heart. This poem is beautiful. I am very worried about Snow at the moment. She lived with Snuggles and she seems to be struggling to eat food. It would seem she has hardly eaten or drank all day. She removed some of the veg from her pot, but never ate anything. Chestnut is visiting her to see if she needs to be perked up, but it’s not worked. She goes to eat, takes a few bites, then can’t eat anymore. It’s not good. That’s what happened with Snuggles. She weed out orange wee last night.


      1. You’re very welcome. Whee could not find another way to put into words that whee understand.

        It sounds like Snow is grieving and whee hope this post may help –

        Orange urine could be something or nothing. Often it’s because they have eaten something to cause that but if you are worried, then please get it checked out. It’s safer than worrying yourself!

        Thinking of you


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      2. Hi, after a weekend of barely eating or drinking, it turned out Snow wasn’t grieving, it was her mouth, she had an abscess and had to be rushed to the vets on Monday, was cut open and has a tube acting as a drain in her cheek. My mum has been doing a great job of looking after her. She started to eat a little by herself on Tuesday and drank on her own from the bottle on Wednesday. Today (Thursday), she has a checkup. Daisy has a lump check too.


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