Wish Snuggles Good Luck!






Unfortunately, Snuggles has stopped eating and drinking again by herself. The vets in Dawlish where my mum lives, could not find the cause when examing her yesterday morning. That same day, my own vet in Exeter, who had just returned from holiday that day, found a mass in her tummy. He knew it just from feeling her tummy and an ultrasound confirmed it.

The lump is either a tumor or an enlarged liver, due to her not eating much. On Thursday 23rd of October, she will have surgery to determine what the lump is, and if it can be operated on. She is weaker than should be to undergo an operation and anaesthetic. Please wish her good luck.

24 thoughts on “Wish Snuggles Good Luck!

    1. Thanks Marge so much. That’s a lovely compliment. She’s my best friend, so it’s very hard. I am waiting to board the train to see her at my parent’s. My mum has to syringe feed her recovery formula and water throughout the day, it’s the only thing keeping her alive.


      1. Thanks Marge. Snuggles’s fate will be decided in just over a couple of hours time. I am so upset right now. Yesterday evening, when I saw her at my parent’s home, she was in a very bad way. Xx


      2. Hi Marge, thank you. She was a brave warrior and still is. She made it through a major op, with 3 lumps removed and her ovaries and uterus. She’s braver than me, I nearly fainted when I saw her. She still has major liver problems. swill be posted a photo of the smallest lump in the next blog post. It’s huge and yuk!

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