Close Encounters of the Furry Kind!

Hi everyone





As you know, Cinnamon died, and I had to take immediate action to get a new companion for Daisy, so she would eat and drink again. It did the trick. Please welcome Chestnut into our furry family.

Chestnut is a Golden Agouti and reddy-brown in colour. Her birthday is the day before mine, on the 23rd of April, making her 5 months old. Being quirky, it’s great to have a new furry baby to be broody over. I am never like that with human babies, and not having kids of my own. In fact being quirky, and breaking conventions, I am not the sex, marriage and kids type. I am 100% a quirky businesswoman, entrepreneur, and love leading a young, kid-like, vibrant quirky life. It’s what I was born to be and do.

What type of life, do you like to lead?

Daisy has taken to Chestnut like a duck to water. It’s like they have been together forever.

I am away in London and Disneyland Paris next week with my cousin. No work for once in my life, in 3 years.  Can’t wait. Yipeeeee!

Write soon

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