It’s Official – I am the UK Blog Trainer

Hi everyone

Today is the official launch of my new blog trainer business and my new http;// site.

Teaching Blogging as an aid to recovery – How to start a blog, has been successful, and I thoroughly enjoy teaching it so much, that I now offer to teach blogging as a business.

I have been blogging for 4 years this year, and like a lot of you, I can’t get enough of it. I am still learning and evolving as a blogger and I always will be.

Including this blog, I currently have 4 blogs that I blog to as frequently as possible. Although this blog is always my priority because it’s my first love, I value your loyalty and like to give back to you.

I provide inspirational blog posts at

I blog to give help, advice and inspiration, to people who have been made redundant on my site.

I blog about events I have been to, about my interests, passions and businesses at

Two of my blogs are blogs, the others are self hosted blogs, so I can teach both, but the person I am teaching, would need their own site to do so. I can also create sites, using templates, widgets and plugins.

If I can take a business on a deep and meaningful journey to connect with its customers, I will be filled with joy. If I can help make just one more person’s life so much happier and more rewarding through blogging, I will be ecstatic

If you know of anyone who could benefit from me teaching them, please spread the word. I can teach one-to-one, or as part of a workshop for up to 8 people. As one-to-one teaching is bespoke, prices can vary, they start from £30 an hour, in the Exeter area, in the UK. If they quote this post on this blog, they save 10% off an hour, or on a workshop.

For anyone living outside the UK who wants training via Google Hangouts or Skype, please contact me using email in the first instance.

My business number is 01392 434202 for a free 20 minute consultation, or they can email me at blogtrainer@blogtrainerUK.

Catch me on Twitter at or Facebook

Thanks for your continued support. I couldn’t do it without you.

Write soon

28 thoughts on “It’s Official – I am the UK Blog Trainer

    1. Hi Zachary, great of you to stop by. Thank you for your wishes, your support and awesome comments are always appreciated. I have got more than 4 now as the site has a blog, the new design website that I am currently building will have a blog. I can also exclusively reveal that I have started working on my new business website and that will have a blog too.


  1. I can only cope with one blog, so it is very impressive that you have such a huge workload and are positive about it. You love your work and that is the main thing, you are one of the lucky ones in that respect.


    1. Hi Ste, thank you. I am blessed in lots of ways. It helps that I am quirky, I couldn’t do what I do if I was normal. I get a bit bored in my day job when there are no customers but it gives me the opportunity to chill and have a Creative think for another story, post or website page.


  2. One very nice thing about blogging is that borders seem to vanish… at least a little bit. I can only hope that Al realized just how valuable a friend he is 🙂

    Good luck with your new site. I too have several sites. But they are all for my writing. When I can… now that I’m back in grandmotherly duty role as caregifter for my little ones. The summer while not quite over…is over. No more sleeping in for me. 🙂


    1. I communicate with Al most days. He knows you appreciate him and was very grateful for the post. Sleep – What’s that? I am sure you will enjoy your duty and have a ton of fun. Do you take them to the cinema?


      1. Not quite old enough – Son of Son is 4 (just started 3 full days of pre-school) and Little Miss is 1.

        I’m pretty much their entertainment. But maybe it is the other way around? 😉


      2. Always. My Grandma died in June, Friday the 13th actually, and I was trying to conquer my superstitions. She was a best friend to me and will always be a shinning light in my life. Thankfully, she would want me to fulfil all of my career goals. She always supported me 100% in my career and that includes my writing. I am ploughing ahead with my goals and dreams. My new Break through the barriers of redundancy book, will be dedicated to her, just as I told her before she died. I miss her so much.


      3. I had a grandmother and have an Aunt born on a Friday the 13th. I consider the day rather lucky. Really what is luck except the choices that we make and some that we have no control over?

        I put together a small booklet of poems for bereavement – none traditional pieces. Not sappy or sad. And while not professionally bound it is dedicated to of my family members who are gone.

        One of theses days I might do something professionally. But so far I am content with what I am doing in the time that I have to devote to it all.

        May your grandmothers memories be for blessings.


      4. I guess I believe in fate, a bit of luck, and creating your own destiny. That’s nice about the poems. I made a poem for my Grandma’s funeral and read it in church for her. I wrote one for my Grandad, and she liked his very much and wanted me to write one for her..


      5. You remind me that I should put the poems I have written for my grandchildren into booklets too.

        I can only ‘push’ so much of my writing on family members. I suppose my hubby would read everything I put at him…but it isn’t necessary. It is good to have things, hobbies, words that belong to oneself.

        I read a few pieces at my dads memorial service. I think though only my mother and sister could really grasp what I was saying as they made a reference to something my father did which not many knew about. And that’s OK too. I had a piece I wrote for my hubby read at our wedding… my cousin thought my hubby wrote it. Essh. Guys thing only guys can cook and write. Or at least get paid for doing so. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      6. That last bit made me smile. I know more female writers than male, and I prefer to be cooked for, had I got a guy, but I don’t so I am happily single. I do the very least amount of coking and cleaning necessary. I am not a house wife type at all.


      7. Oh, I never did say I was a ‘housewife’ 😉
        Hubby has his specialty meals that he cooks for me.

        Dust bunnies like my place – no birth control 🙂

        It’s neat enough, but lived in too. Won’t ever make it in ‘House Beautiful’ for a photo shoot.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. That’s good, I didn’t know if you were or not. I am glad he cooks for you and I love the bit about the dust bunnies, hilarious. Thanks for making me smile.


    1. Hi Sherri, thank you so much. I am really glad that you find me encouraging and supportive, I always want to be that way. I have got another website to build for my new coaching business today. I still have to finish my site before completing the final formatting of my break through the barriers of redundancy book. I am then going to advertise them in the back of my book.

      Liked by 1 person

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