Dear Friends

Sad news – A friend has passed away. I was shocked to read that Ajaytao passed away on the 10th of August. He will be sadly missed by many. As I write this now, I feel a huge sense of loss. Even though I had never meant him, I felt touched by his photography and by his following.

Rest in peace my friend. Your warmth and beauty will always shine on, in the lives of the many hearts you touched. Bless you. May your soul rest in peace forever.
This is such a sad loss for his offline and offline family.
My deepest condolences to his family, friends and loved ones. You will be missed so very much Ajaytao. Love and hugs to you all xxxxxxxx


10 thoughts on “Dear Friends

    1. Hi Ste, thanks for always being here for me and your support, I do appreciate it. I am still missing my Grandma madly, but looking forward with full thrust in my step. She supported me in my career 100% and now I must press on to fulfil my destiny.


    1. Hi Courtney, yes, at least I have the blessing to know what happened to him. I am connected to a wonderful lady on Twitter and she isn’t well at all, or her hubby. She is very ill and I am so worried when I don’t hear from her anymore. She has always treated me well, with love, kindness and support and I feel a friendship love for her, even though I have never met her before.


  1. I was completely stunned when I heard. I went over to look and see why he hadn’t posted anything recently, only to find that he had passed away. It was a complete shock. You don’t expect to hear of a fellow blogger passing away, not one that you have so much interaction with.

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    1. Hi Al, that’s right. Somehow, I don’t know why, I tend to think in my head that bloggers will live forever. That they will always be a part of my life, for all of my lifetime. It feels weird. What happens to his blog now? I have always wondered what would happen to a blog after the person has passed. Does it stay there forever? All of that talent should surely live on in his memory.


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