Try something different – Try something new




Try something different,
Try something new,
Have a purple potato,
Or two.

Try something different
Add something new,
Create excitement,
For what you do.

Try something different,
Do something new,
A hobby, a location,
A job or two.

Try something different,
Read, watch, listen,
To something new,
Monitor your thoughts and feelings
And your actions too.

Think something different,
Think something new,
Be brave, face your fears
And make your dreams come true.

(Despite their appearance, these potatoes were very yummy. I ate this meal in London, prior to walking around the Digital Revolution Exhibition.)

Write soon

8 thoughts on “Try something different – Try something new

  1. Ooo nice, too much to try and not enough time, I need to make a list so I can ignore it and do as I please, which is always the best way to approach life I find.


    1. Wow Courtney! I had never seen them before in my life. Glad that you have put my mind at rest that others have eaten them too. It was delicious, very expensive, but very tasty. Also, I couldn’t eat at any other venue near the exhibition because they couldn’t cater for my special diet with multiple food allergies.


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