When is it good not to think?

Hi everyone

I have so much to tell you.

I am back from my trip to the Success Seminar in London. While I was up there, I also visited London Zoo, I saw the film Anomaly and I went to the Digital Revolution Exhibition, that blew my mind.

On the day I came back, I had 4 hours sleep, then taught the Introduction to blogging course. I took so many photos and that much video footage of the Digital Revolution Exhibition, that my phone stopped working and I couldn’t call or do anything with my phone, until I got it fixed in the EE shop after teaching on Monday 7th.

On Tuesday 8th, I had an admin day. I also cleaned, tidied and cleared out some bottles of stuff from underneath my kitchen sink.

I have been working in my day job every day since, and trying to catch up with social media, emails and blogging.

As you know, I am a deep thinker and my brain never stops thinking. Sometimes it’s good not to think. I have so much to do that if I sat down and did the sensible thing of writing everything down that I have to, it would overwhelm me. Yes, I make written lists of things to do and set myself tasks and goals each day, but if I become too rigid and ‘work-like’ with everything I have to do, it doesn’t feel good. Instead of enjoying what I do, the opposite happens and I become unproductive. Yes, I have an overview of what must be done, but I have to do it the quirky way. If I schedule too much, it becomes a chore and that shows. Does that happen to you?

Things I need to do:

  • I have to create a new website for http://www.beatredundancyblues.com as my web host no longer services RV Sitebuilder that I used to build it. I have been unable to access my admin panel for at least a couple of months and now I can get into it, I can’t make any amendments due to constant Java script errors. This site is currently more popular than my http:// http://www.beatredundancyblues.co.uk site that is built using WordPress. I have no choice but to change it.
  • After making a few amendments to my Break through the barriers of redundancy book, I need to re-index and paginate it, within the interior CreateSpace template.
  • After being asked by businesses about training staff in blogging, I thought it best to set up a website to build a professional brand for my blog training. I have bought the domain name http://www.BlogTrainer.co.uk and have yet to build the site. I have a new @blogtrainerUK Twitter account and now need to grow my followers. Thanks to those of you who have already joined me on that account.

I haven’t forgotten that I still have blog awards to officially accept in future posts. Thanks to all of you who have given me awards. I very much appreciate them.

I managed to track down my English teacher from college. She edits manuscripts. I sent her a copy of my Break through the barriers of redundancy book manuscript so she could give it a quick scan. Her feedback was encouraging. She said it’s interesting, well thought out and there are not many books like it on the market. I was thrilled with those comments. As she is very critical, I know it must be a good book.

Because my Break through the barriers of redundancy book advertises my http://www.beatredundancyblues.com site on the front cover, updating that site, must be a priority.

I have to not think too much and just get on with it.

When would not thinking, be good for you?

Write when I can


5 thoughts on “When is it good not to think?

  1. Wow, pretty epic week, Ifelt exhausted just reading it, in a good way that is. It’s good that you have found yourself a quiet niche in the book market…here’s to a shed load of sales!


    1. Hi Ste, thanks so much. Thanks for sticking with me when I haven’t been able to comment or like much recently. Everything is happening at once at the moment. Although I teach for only a few weeks a year, I am a tutor all year round. I have emails to answer every week, meetings to go to, telephone conversations to have. I have to create a new http://www.beatredundancyblues.com site and I am currently trying to copy and paste each page into a word document to transfer to a new site. As well as do everything else.


      1. Crikey that’s a while lot of work you have going on…I like the look of the site though, I’ll check it out in more depth post haste!


      2. Hi Ste, thanks. I post a lot of posts on my breaks in my day job from my phone because of a lack of time. I also have to post to my FB and Twitter during my breaks. I don’t get long and my phone doesn’t always allow me to Like other people’s posts, it’s annoying. I will announce when I have a new http://www.beatredundancyblues.com site. I managed to copy and paste 15 parts of the site yesterday into Word, so I can transfer those to the new site. I have 15 more pages to copy and paste and I usually have to do some reformatting, due to the current site template. When I have everything, that site will be no longer in its current form, but a brand new WordPress site. There will be a short period while it’s under construction. I will also do the http://wwwblogtrainer.co.uk site after that, which currently is not built.


  2. Sandra, you are one busy lady! This sounds complicated but I have every faith in you that you will get everything up and running as you need it to as soon as possible. You are truly amazing! So how lovely to let you know that I’ve nominated you for The Butterfly Light Award. It is a beautiful, shimmering award, giving light to all, as does your beautiful blog and your beautiful spirit! Many congratulation to you, but please, no rush. I fully understand how busy you are. I just got two awards posts out and I’m so late. Take care my friend… 🙂 ❤ xx


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