Do you see your life being told in stories?

Hi everyone

Do you see your life being told in stories? I am not sure that is grammatically correct, but I see parts of my life being told in stories as it unravels before me.

What do I mean?

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. For those of you who don’t know; I do a full-time day job as the Fitted Bedroom Specialist for John Lewis, I am a part-time Tutor for the Recovery Learning Community and I run my own websites and write. Although I only physically teach the Blogging as an aid to recovery course – How to start a blog, for a few weeks at a time, I have to answer emails every week about my course or the courses in general. Sometimes I get 3 emails a day. A few days ago I had to look at new premises for teaching the course. I have 3 websites to maintain with 1 under construction. I have 4 blogs, but I blog on this one the most, 3 Facebook pages, 3 Twitter accounts, a LinkedIn account, a Google+ account and a YouTube account. I do all of the website design, social media and marketing for my sites. I also have to attend business and networking opportunities; clean my guineapigs every night, work on my Break through the barriers of redundancy book, message my friends and try to fit in some time for fun. So I have been mostly getting 4-5 hours sleep a night for the last few weeks.

Here’s the story: I am feeling very tired, like I am now running on empty. I feel I need to ‘recharge my battery’ but instead of thinking just like that, I see myself as a Transformer robot and I have to plug myself into sleep, to recharge, re-energise and re-boot myself up again. (Action of rolling shoulders back, stood up straight and magnificent as I am returned to full strength and ready for the fight.) At the moment I feel like the Terminator being swallowed up in a pile of toxic sand that is corroding my metal body. My hand is reaching out to grab on to sleep. (Okay, so being an insomniac, I am usually good at living on not much sleep, but this is the point I am now at).

I also keep thinking about events that occur in my life; sometimes directly or indirectly related to myself, and that if those events were a story at that moment, this is how I would write it. I see people who have feelings for someone and the feelings are not reciprocated – In practice, it’s a case of moving on, but it’s not that easy, and in theory – In the world of fairy tales or stories, something would happen to make the other person change to love the person who loves them, not the person whom they keep wanting to pursue. If only we could choose that in real life – Wouldn’t that be so much easier and save a lot of heartache? – Maybe or maybe not, because I believe no one should have to change to be with someone else, and that everything happens for a reason. If the love isn’t reciprocated it’s because something or someone better is about to come along and if you ended up being with someone you weren’t meant to be with, that would be a tragedy and I like a happy ending.

What parts of your life do you see being told in stories?

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Until next time, write soon


19 thoughts on “Do you see your life being told in stories?

  1. I try to make all my life a story, it is amazing how hilarious it can be when you notice all the little nuances of people your surroundings…


    1. I like your attitude Ste, it is wonderful. That is why your writing is so great, because you notice things around you and see things in your own special way. I think my whole life is a story that teaches me what the next chapter is.


  2. Oh my…. I thought my life is busy. I paint, just finished my first book, knit/crochet, exercise, cook, babysit my grandchildren, run an, EBay, blog and love watching some TV and socialize with my friends. I love keeping busy. I am 63 years old. I strongly suggest you try to get more sleep.


    1. You are an incredible woman. Wow! Look at everything you do and at 63, what a shinning example to all of us. Congratulations on everything you do. What do you sell on Etsy and Ebay and what is your book about?


      1. I create inspirational mixed media paintings and my book is a memoir about my son who lived 28 years with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and passed away in 2006. Everything I create is inspired by my son who guides me spiritually every day. Thank you for your very kind words. God gave me Jason for this purpose. His life should inspire and teach the world about disability awareness.


      2. That is incredible Jude. I do believe you are right about Jason. I believe everything happens for a reason and you son lives on through you and your work. You are such an inspiration just as his life has been.


    1. Hi Mike, I do see your point of view and I appreciate you drawing my attention to that and making me think. I guess you were thinking about the ease of reading. I often use shorter paragraphs, however, I felt this time I wanted to leave my connected thoughts together. A paragraph is usually talking about the same subject and I spoke about everything I have to do in one long paragraph because it is everything I have to do. If I had split it up, I don’t feel it would have had the same impact. I wanted to express the same head spin effect that I have with everything I have to get done. I wanted it to be authentic. The second large paragraph has all related content, so does the third large paragraph. I thank you for letting me know though so I can think about that when I write future posts. Not every post will have short paragraphs so I hope you will still enjoy them.


      1. Exactly. Each person that comes into your life with a purpose – me, people you work with, each is a supporting member in your play.


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