Britain’s Got Talent – Who guessed that?

Hi everyone

If you watched Britain’s Got Talent, you will know that Collabro won.

Did you guess that? I must admit I thought Bars and Melody were going to win it.

With so much undiscovered talent around, you need to know that you too have talents. You may not realise it, but you do. Think about what you like, what you do, what you love and who you are. Sometimes just being yourself and showing truly who you are to others, is the greatest talent and gift that you could ever give.

Always be your quirky self.

Write soon



16 thoughts on “Britain’s Got Talent – Who guessed that?

  1. Often my quirky self is exchanging different feet that I oft tend chew. But I am finally, I think very much OK with who I have become. Still evolving –
    Cheers, Jules


    1. Feet chewing, very quirky. I am glad you are embracing your quirky. Maybe it’s the salt taste of the skin that is appealing.Talking of salt, I have a fetish for salted popcorn.


      1. Feet chewing, when you open your mouth to ‘chew your words’… sometimes referred to ‘hoof and mouth’ – not always saying the right thing at the right moment. I guess I am just tired of having to always look out for other peoples feelings and them not considering mine – mostly in dealing with ‘family’. I actually don’t think I am flexible enough anymore to actually stick my toes in my mouth 🙂


      2. OMG! I can bit a literal type of girl. That’s rather funny that I actually thought you were chewing your feet, you must have thought what on earth is she talking about. I haven’t heard of that expression before so thanks for enlightening me. The situation with your family must be hard for you. I have had to learn to go my own way much more over the last couple of months, and spend less time with my parents, to make myself a happier person.


      3. All languages have their quirks 🙂
        I only thought that you might not have understood – so I explained 😉

        Family. We do get along much better with our children now that they are ‘on their own’. We evolve into every stage of life. I like the quiet these days. Sometime interrupted by grandchildren, but that’s a good thing to break any silence.


      1. It was the final last night. I find it very inspiring so I will miss the show until next time but it will free me up to inspire others more, and that’s a great feeling. That’s the feedback I have been getting from others so I will keep on with it.


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