How Britain’s Got Talent Can Inspire You To Achieve Your Dreams

Hi everyone

Who watches Britain’s Got Talent?

Watch my short video to find out how Britain’s Got Talent can inspire you to achieve your dreams.

What do you think?

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23 thoughts on “How Britain’s Got Talent Can Inspire You To Achieve Your Dreams

  1. Reblogged this on quirkybooks and commented:

    If you want to be inspired to achieve your dreams, watch, read, listen to and see, others achieve their dreams to know you can do the same. Then believe you can achieve your dreams and go for it. Never, ever stop. Keep going forward and forward and forward, making your mark on the world and leaving a lasting impression with your footprints in the sand.


      1. You’re very welcome Sandra, and thanks again so much for putting me on to Nathalie. We are now in touch, I’ll keep you posted 😀


      2. Ahh…you are so kind Sandra. I sent off my answers to her questions so I hope to hear back tomorrow that they still want me! It’s a whirlwind as if they do I’ll have to go for a photo shoot in London…! Do you have contacts with the magazine or did Nathalie find you randomly? I’m really curious, and thanks so much again for sending the message my way…methinks you are the superstar 😀


      3. Nathalie contacted me through one of my beatredundancyblues sites via email, to ask if I knew anyone, or had helped anyone who had been made redundant who was over 50 and had a success story to tell. She wrote that it would be in the said magazine about going to London on Friday and having a makeover and I thought of you. I told her I had just one person in mind and forwarded her details to you to get in touch with her.


      4. Ahh..well thank you so much Sandra, how very kind and thoughtful of you. I’ve been in touch with her and sent over the answers to her questions but not heard back, although she did say about the makeover on Friday. I hope to hear back, I know how swamped magazine writers are. Anyway, I’ll definitely keep you updated, and thanks so much for thinking of me…you are a star < 3


      5. I am so happy to be of help and boost your way to stardom. Having your quote at the front of my Break through the barriers of redundancy book should help a lot too. I told you are a writer.


      6. I’m truly honoured to have my quote in your book…and very touched by your kindness shown me…thank you again so much Sandra, your encouragement and support means the world 😀


      7. Hi again Sandra,
        Sadly, I didn’t hear back having sent across my story as requested and I emailed Nathalie yesterday and this morning, as I needed to know if they needed me for tomorrow or not (as I would have to change my plans if a sudden dash to London was on the cards!) but I just got her reply to say that they don’t need my story for this particular piece. So, I’m very disappointed…still, she did say that her editor was very interested in my story and would keep my details on file for another piece in the future so all I can do is hope that I will hear back from them at some time in the future. Strange though…I wonder why my story didn’t fit the bill? Oh well, the joys and ups and downs of writing. I obviously wasn’t quite what they were looking for and I will have to just remain optimistic. Anyway, it was so very kind of you to think of me for this and I wanted to thank you so much for that and for being in my corner. Another day awaits…bless you Sandra, have a great day 😀


      8. I am so sorry to hear that Sherri. I am sure when they see your name in my book they will be scrambling to interview you. It’s their loss. Just think, this is one step closer to achieving your dreams and you are continuing to get closer and closer. Never give up, I believe in you 100%.


      9. Well, I’m looking at it from a positive viewpoint and feel that this is still an important step in the right direction. Maybe the timing wasn’t right, who knows? Your ongoing support and encouragement means so much, thank you so much and I will keep pressing in. You are such an amazingly inspiring person Sandra, and I take only inspiration away from all of this…and I won’t give up! Ever! And on another subject, we have the BGT final to look forward to on Saturday, yay 😀

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      10. Awesome. Love the positivity and yes, BGT is on Saturday, the final. Going to check out an IT suite tomorrow for teaching the Blogging as an aid to recovery course. We need to find more suitable premises.


      11. Thanks Sherri. Although I only teach for a few weeks at a time, I am still very much in my Tutor/Trainer role throughout the year. I have emails usually on a weekly basis about the RLC courses, sometimes 3 times a day; things to approve and revise, meetings to have in person and on the phone. I live in work, in every sense. How quirky.


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