How can business shows enhance your writing career?

Hi everyone

Whether you are looking to start a career in writing or you have already made a career out of it. Going to business shows can put you in touch with businesses that can enhance your career. Anything from building a website to sell your books, to creating a promotional video for your book, getting you on the first page of Google, or to publish one of your future books.

Here’s a behind the scenes sneaky peek of The Business Show 2014.

I hope it gives you a flavour of the show.

Write soon


12 thoughts on “How can business shows enhance your writing career?

      1. Hmmm! That’s interesting. I have 5 videos on YouTube in total. Including 3 from The Business Show. I put the other two on there in the early hours of this morning but they haven’t got many views so that is probably why.


    1. Hi Mike, great to hear from you. How is the blogging going? In order to use video in WordPress, one has to either embed a YouTube video or pay for the VideoPress upgrade. I decided to create a YouTube channel, to build a more personal relationship with my followers. Hope you continue to like the videos and it’s always great to hear your comments.


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