The Business Show – Here I come!

Hi everyone

Thanks to everyone who has left comments for me, and thanks for the positive comments about my videos and to those of you who have subscribed to my channel. It’s always a little scary trying something new and I wasn’t sure how you felt about videos in blogs but you seem to like them so I will continue. They are a bit rough around the edges but I just wanted to post natural videos because I try to always be true to who I am on this blog.

I am in London for The Business Show and I have had my phone switched off for most of the day due to low battery power and meeting up with a friend. The signal was bad on the train and it wouldn’t let me reply to your comments. I will get around to messaging back but it may be after The Business Show, as it is after midnight now and I have to get some sleep.

I have taken two more videos but my phone won’t upload them.

I can’t wait to see and hear some successful published authors speak at The Business Show, to gain valuable insight,  hints, tips and insider knowledge to pass on to you.





I am stay at a Travelodge and my hotel room is very nice and huge.

Write soon

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