It’s a dog’s life! Re-visited

Hi everyone

I published this post earlier today, but because I did the draft for it in March, it has posted it back in my March archives. Here it is again.

I wrote a previous post regarding a guy who makes dogs out of sand. A few weeks ago, I managed to talk to him and I can reveal a few details about his story.




He is from Romania but lives in Liverpool. It takes him 3-4 hours to build a sand dog. He has a wife and 3 children and this is his only job. He says he doesn’t speak very good English and it is hard for him to get another job. His wife doesn’t work. He says he likes Exeter and wants to move here. Lately I have seen a young boy helping him, which I am assuming is one of his children.

In principle I have finished writing my Break through the barriers of redundancy book, but I still need to go through it again and re-index it.

Write soon


14 thoughts on “It’s a dog’s life! Re-visited

  1. wow! I’m simply stunned by his talent… I was born in Romania and after 1990 lots of Romanians have left the ex-communist dictatorship country… there are plenty of them in France, too and in similar situations…
    * * *
    my very best and have a sunny weekend! cheers, Mélanie


  2. I hope there is a lot of sand close to Exeter otherwise that would be a costly endeavour perhaps…it is nice to have a quirky talent like that I must admit.

    I’m glad work is going well on your book, love the blurb. Keep up your spirits though because it’s all coming together and will be awesome. Is this the hardest part of writing the book for you?


    1. Hi Ste, he recycles the same sand over again in bags. I have seen him put it away in the bags and take it out. He is green, not literally.

      I guess this is the hardest part of ‘writing’ the book or should I say about the book, because I am very self-critical and I believe, good at self-editing. I can spot when things don’t sound right, don’t look right, don’t feel right, or something is missed out and so on. I gave myself the huge challenge of mixing two genres, and A-Z guide with a How-to book, that to my knowledge, has never been done before. If, scrub that, ‘when’ it is, successful, I plan to do more books in that format, but being the first, it was always going to be the hardest to get the format right. By self-publishing it, I have to check the spelling, grammar, sentence construction, layout, pagination, index, bullets, numbering, font, and so much more. It has been a journey and it’s not over yet.


      1. If it ever to much I am sure there are numerous fellow bloggers who would be happy to proof read sections of your book to take pressure off. it would perhaps help you out some.


      2. Thanks. It’s not a problem for me. I love editing and I am getting someone else to check it. I go by gut instinct and when it’s ready, it will be ready, and it almost is.


    1. I know what you mean. With the amount of sand he uses, he would probably have to charge a lot for them. I guess this way he is recycling and keeping his costs to a minimum.


    1. No, they can’t be moved, other than to pack them away and start again. I see him returning the sand to the bags sometimes. Yes, people give him money. I gave him some money after I had spoken to him as i felt it was the right thing to do. I also love creativity and I am hugely inspired by it.


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