All About Me?

Hi everyone

My friend and fellow blogger Al, is looking for love, so please show him some. Read his blog to find out more about what he would like and what he has to offer, he is a terrific guy and deserves to have an awesome lady by his side. Will it be you? Please take a look.

Thanks my friends.

Write soon

A Mixed Bag

Ralph and I have decided that we would create a blog post based on my post, “Dating Sites Are a Rip Off”. We would both write a “singles ad” with mine based on the comments of that post, and post them at the same time. Therefore, this post is from what people have said about me. I will say that Sandra from Quirky Books commented a while ago that I should use my blog as a platform to find someone. She said there are plenty of women out there who like me. That does sound uncomfortable saying that. Oh well, here goes.

After the suggestion of using the blog as a platform as a way of finding a date, or a prospective partner, I stated that I am worried about not receiving a response and embarrassing myself by having a post just sitting there gathering dust. I miss…

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9 thoughts on “All About Me?

      1. Haha that reminds me of something my dad used to say when we were teenagers.

        “She offered her honour
        He honoured her offer
        And all night long
        It was honour and offer” Better said aloud than read quietly 😉


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