T-wit Twoo – Are you a night owl too?

Hi everyone

I am about to go to another networking event at Colston Hall in Bristol and need to get changed into a dress for it.


Whilst I was waiting for my food in Tampopo, I took this photo of me. Why do I usually always look more awake at night? Because I am a night owl and come alive at night. I prefer to write at night because that is when I am more focused, creative and can think straight.

What about you? Are you a night owl too?

Write soon

17 thoughts on “T-wit Twoo – Are you a night owl too?

    1. That’s interesting that you write best during the day. With me it is always at night. Here I am again and it’s gone 1am in the morning and I have to work in my day job in a few hours time. Thanks for saying that I am glowing. I am not sure if you mean that is because I am wearing a sparkly suit, or that I look good?


      1. You are glowing in the sense that you look good (of course you look good!)! You look as though you are in your element–happy, vibrant, free, and living life to the fullest!


      2. Wow! I look like that, and that is exactly how I felt. How perceptive of you. I thought I looked a bit tired in the early photos. A lot of people haven’t seen photos of me with my hair much longer, until now, so I wasn’t sure what people would think but felt it was important for people to see me.


    1. I guess that’s why I like night time, because it is quieter and has a different feel about it when everyone is sleeping. I can concentrate more as it is quieter, but I still play dance music (like now), so it’s not really that quiet at all and I like noise. That makes no sense at all but that is what I love about the night. It’s a creative explosion. Love it!


  1. I am usually in bed by ten, mainly because of my early morning video chats, however now I’m in the routine, I find that by 9AM I have been most productive which sets me up for the day and makes me feel like a real person.


    1. What are your early morning video chats about? I am intrigued! It’s gone 1am when I am writing this. I am too quirky to be a normal person, but I am real. Well, at least in my story I am real. I might be a replica writing this now, but I am really not.


      1. I am always talking to Christina, well as much as her schedule allows, when not, I tend to get up early anyway and start job hunting and reading early to feel like I am doing something positive.


      2. Christina is a lovely lady and I am glad you are putting a lot of effort into your relationship, it’s good to hear that you are keeping the romance alive. So many people don’t put much effort into relationships and that’s where they end up failing. Glad you are staying positive, it’s so important.


      3. It can be tough with the distance but it’s just having the drive to get through the distance problem because we know it will get better. It’s always fun to find new ways keep in touch and keep the spirits up. I love a challenge though.


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