How do you refresh your writer’s mind?

Hi everyone



I have had to venture out of hibernation today, to do some food shopping for me, Daisy, Cinnamon, Snuggles and Snow.

After being indoors for the last few days, working on my Break through the barriers of redundancy book, it is good to get out and about to refresh my writer’s mind.

Being the quirky person I am, I am currently sitting in front of Exeter Cathedral, eating sugar free ice-cream in the cold and wind.

I also enjoy going to the cinema to refresh my writer’s mind. What do you enjoy doing to refresh yours?

Write as soon as I am able to

18 thoughts on “How do you refresh your writer’s mind?

  1. I’m another person who takes walks to refresh – walks in nature. My favorite places have a body of water nearby. A lake, creek, whatever. I don’t know WHY I find that so refreshing, but I do.


  2. loooong walks. Luckily we live near/in/surrounded by a rainforest so I get refreshed in every sense of the word 🙂 love the sugar-free ice-cream! wish I could give up the other kind too.


    1. Wow! That sounds incredibly beautiful. You must feel blessed. Where do you live? I am allergic to processed/refined sugars and a ton of other stuff too. Thanks for stopping by.


      1. Thanks. Working in my day job this weekend. Going to a work colleague’s leaving do on Saturday evening, then packing on Sunday night to leave for Bristol early Monday morning.


    1. Thanks Martha. Similar to me then. On my week off from my day job, I enjoyed writing but missed socialising with others and being indoors for days on end can be hard. I think it’s good to get out and about whenever possible, for rejuvenation.


  3. I know that place! Been there a few times! Funny to think that you are just ‘down the road’! Glad you got to have a break from your hibernation. You need it! I’m hibernating house-sitting in Lewes for my son at the moment and using the time to get on with my writing. I get out with walks in town. I’m really enjoying the freedom. I hope that all is going well. Happy weekend my friend 🙂


    1. We will have to meet up in the future. It will be lovely. I did need to get out and about, even though it wore me out. I did go to the cinema to watch the new Captain America film at 10.05pm. It didn’t end until almost 1am.


      1. Wow, that’s late! Did you enjoy it? We went to see The Lego Movie recently and absolutely loved it!!

        Looking forward to meeting up once the dust settles for us both…never a dull minute, eh?

        Have a lovely, productive weekend Sandra, be in touch soon 🙂


      2. It was a good action movie. I have seen better but I still thought it was enjoyable. I think the Iron Man films are better but I love the Marvel films in general. I have heard the lego movie is good but haven’t seen it. Mr Peabody and Sherman is an amazingly good film.

        I agree, never a dull minute. Still working on my Break through the barriers of redundancy book.


      3. Thanks Sherri. Still got 9 pages left to edit but those will have to go on hold because I am away in Bristol next week on Mon to Wed. I have to have a meeting on Thursday with my Grandma’s care home Manager about some concerns. Then I have a 6 hour tutor meeting on Fri.


    1. I went to the cinema tonight/now this morning. After shopping all day I knew I would not be able to work on my book for that particular day. Will be back hard at it soon.


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