When are you going to hibernate?

Hi everyone

I am now in hibernating mode to finish my Break through the barriers of redundancy book.


I finished re-working and amending the Preface and Introduction today. I now have a total of 9 days off from my day job, and go back to work on Wednesday 2nd of April. I am determined to finish my book by then. I went out shopping for food and Mothers Day presents today. Now it’s time to batten down the hatches and have what I call ‘cave days’. I will be less active in the blogosphere until the 3rd of April.

When are you next hibernating?

Write when I am able to

Ps. I already miss you all. Xx

29 thoughts on “When are you going to hibernate?

  1. I love the concept of hibernation in order to get writing done! I might do the same — but I’d better do it soon ’cause it will be tough once the weather gets nice. I’m curious about the logistics and your advice on “how to”.


    1. Apologies for the delay in replying, I was away last week and I am behind with my blog comments and currently working backwards on them. I can’t help being quirky. I still hibernate in summer, my writing is always my number one priority. I can write outside if I want, but I tend to do my best work indoors away from distractions. When you say about logistics and “how to” what do you mean and what would you like to know?


  2. Dear Sandra, This is as I reply for you.. 🙂
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    In the past, my parents house parallel to the presidential palace in Jakarta, Indonesia. When I was little, I’ve seen the Queen, passing in front of my house ….. I feel, The Queen still smile for me…….!

    So, what I want to say is, once you have the right knowledge, you will be forced to enter the dimensions of important people in the world. People who see you everyday not necessarily one-dimensional life with you. You have such a high dimension, so that, you are not understood by most people …….. Regards. Hilal Achmar …. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. I just had a mini hibernation, due to migraines and laziness but I am back into it now and catching up on all these wonderful blogs…and if you would like a review of your book you know where I am!!!


    1. Thanks Ste. I have a some time off from my day job at the moment and I am working hard on the final book amendments and adding some final content to it before publishing it on Amazon in printed format first. A book review would be awesome.


      1. I am lacking anything in the way of headway at the moment, I have tailored my CV nicely and have sent it around…not much to show for my diligent efforts so far but I remain optimistic of something soon.


      2. I tailor it for specific jobs if I know what I am going for other than that it is tailored to whatever sector I am sending it around but is more wide ranging showing off my ‘mad employable skillz’.


      3. In my experience, these days it is far better to apply for specific jobs that you have completely tailored your CV and cover letter to. When employers can choose from a ton of applicants, they will almost always go for those that most closely match their criteria and that would be shown far better in a tailored application. If you are against other applicants that have done just that, you will miss out, because on paper they will be seen as more easily able to slip into that job role. It is always best to hand your CV and cover letter directly to the company or send it directly to the interviewer whenever possible. Years ago, sending a CV off to a lot of companies would have worked, but today is a different story because of so much competition. I am not saying it can’t be achieved because I have recently met someone who it did happen for, but they had to send off 1,500 CVs and 200 emails. Like anything, it is a numbers game, but that is a lot of numbers. A lot of this is explained in my Break through the barriers of redundancy book, but I wanted to give you a heads up.


      4. Thank you for the advice, at the moment I am using both strategies…I tailor my CV for each job i go for and then with the speculative send outs I tailor it for each type of job…it’s a waiting game so it’s lucky I have shelves of books to read in the meantime hehe.


      5. Great to hear that. It sounds like you are doing very well and you are very switched on. I didn’t realise you are using both strategies. That is a brilliant strategy to use both. I have every confidence that you will get back into work sooner rather than later. Keeping yourself busy is also an awesome way to keep the momentum going.


  4. I have never hibernated. It’s because, when I was but 11, my wise old grandmother taught me about daily planning and scheduling. So I have an Excel spreadsheet in which everything is scheduled, some even with time allotments. The necessary things are high on the daily list, things I want to do are lower on the list.


    1. Hi Russel, your Grandmother is wise, and it is great that you listened to her. I normally make lists of things to do everyday and use ABC prioritising. The most urgent/important is always at the top of my list. I am a trained PA, with a HND is Administration, so that really does help. I also include planned time for fun. My whole life is tasked for each day, and that’s why I am able to get so much work done across my businesses, social media portfolio and across all of my employments. I work full-time in a day job, part-time as a self-employed teacher, and I am a writer and businesswoman. I manage 3 Blogs, 3 websites, 3 Facebook pages, 3 Twitter accounts, a linkedIn and Google+ account. Also, I have a site under construction. The hibernation is a planned one to finish my book. I worked hard to get all other tasks completed before my unexpected holiday, that I predicted may happen, and thankfully has. Always great to hear from you. Thanks for stoping by.


  5. Good luck with your book. It actually sounds kind of heavenly to take 9 days to do nothing but write. May the muse be with you.


    1. Bless you Al, you are a great friend to me, I am lucky to have you in my life. Thank you. I would probably Facebook PM you, as it’s usually quicker for me. I say I am hibernating but may poke my head out now and again. I have been gaining momentum with Tweeting and Posting to Facebook lately and my new phone makes it tons easier to interact across all of my social media.


      1. That’s fair enough 🙂 I have the facebook messenger on my phone now so I can get messages even if I am out. Unless I do what I did today and run out of charge lol


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