It’s a dog’s life!

Hi everyone

I wrote a previous post regarding a guy who makes dogs out of sand. A few weeks ago, I managed to talk to him and I can reveal a few details about his story.




He is from Romania but lives in Liverpool. It takes him 3-4 hours to build a sand dog. He has a wife and 3 children and this is his only job. He says he doesn’t speak very good English and it is hard for him to get another job. His wife doesn’t work. He says he likes Exeter and wants to move here. Lately I have seen a young boy helping him, which I am assume is one of his children.


20 thoughts on “It’s a dog’s life!

      1. I posted it in a comment, in reply to one of yours. Here it is again. This is what should be inside the front cover under the book tittle: “Your book should be a big hit Sandra! I have been made redundant twice and have been unable to return to paid employment since the last time in 2011, as I have my daughter who has Asperger’s Syndrome to look after. My writing and blogging is what keeps me going, but I went through a really rough time after both redundancies for all the reasons you cite. I wish I had your book then.”

        Sherri Matthews, from


      2. Ahh yes, I did read that, sorry, I just couldn’t remember quite where it was! I know you had mentioned about maybe putting it in your book!
        Wow, I’m so honoured Sandra, I really hope that it helps with your book. Thanks so much. I’m sure it will be a great encouragement to many who have been made redundant!
        Hope everything is going well 🙂


    1. It is a new post that I published today, but I did the draft for it back in March. It is so annoying that when I uploaded it to WordPress from my phone today, it hasn’t “published” it today and it hasn’t put this post as the latest post on my home page. This has happened before and I have had to copy and paste it into a new post and re-post it. Guess I may have to do that again. If you know of any way to stop this then please let me know.


      1. I don’t. I have a draft in my box, but that is for 2012 so I may need to rewrite that one LOL You would have thought that it would adjust it to the date it was published. You can do it from the laptop by editing the title, but I don’t think you can from the WordPress app


      2. So I would have to change its title? I thought I might. I tried to change it from my phone but it saved the post with the new title as a draft and would not publish it, but it would post the post with the original title, it’s frustrating. I have just copied this and reposted it with a slightly different title and about to check it has work. My Mac mail has just come back to life. I have some emails missing for the last two days. Oh! Well, I hope they are not important. I know this because I have to reset my password for one of my Twitter accounts. I kept emailing myself a link to reset it but I didn’t get the link through. I just resent the link and it has come through.


      3. Thanks. A few minutes ago, I realised I turned on anti-spam a few days ago and I just turned it off and all of the other emails appeared with the Twitter reset link saying spam next to them. Problem solved.


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