What does beauty mean to you?

Hi everyone

I thought this was a beautiful sky as I walked home from work.





Not as beautiful as my babies.

Snuggles and Snow
Cinnamon and Daisy

What does beauty mean to you?

I am going to be busy with editing my book over the coming days.

Write when I am able to


26 thoughts on “What does beauty mean to you?

      1. I believe that God created all things perfect and through the introduction of sin in the world, things have become tainted and perverted from their original form. The ultimate beauty would be seeing things in the untainted form – free of disease and deformity, existing unassisted, in the proper place, doing what it was created to do, etc . The closer something comes to that, the more beautiful it is.


      2. Hi Robin, you raise some good points. I think the morals of some of today’s citizens are lacking and it’s a shame. Respect seems hard to come by sometimes. I agree that sins such as greed, lust, and to kill another person, have scarred the beauty of this world. In regard to “free of disease and deformity, existing unassisted, in the proper place, doing what it was created to do, etc”. I don’t think anyone is deformed as such, we are all born differently, with quirks, and I believe our beauty lies in not being perfect but in being individuals that are beautiful in our own right. I have Fibromyalgia which is a chronic pain condition that is classed as a disability. I was diagnosed in January 2012 with it and I will have it for life. To be honest, whilst it can pose lots of difficulties for me, having it has made me a better and stronger person and I am happier for that. It has helped me to become the person I was created to be.


      3. I understand what you are saying. I suffer from Bipolar disorder (diagnosed in 2002). There have been a lot of things about the difficulties in my life that have strengthened who I am. I just see things in the way that no one is perfect, but perfection is coming.


      4. Thanks for opening up to me about that. You need to know that you are beautiful in your own right. I have a work friend who is bi-polar, and she still leads a happy and fulfilling life and enjoys living, and I hope you do too. I think perfection means different things to different people, and therefore no one could ever be perfect, because some others would view them as not being so.


      5. I’ve always been pretty open about my biploar disorder. Being open allows other people to become educated about what it really is. There are parts of myself in which I see beauty. The disorder itself is not beautiful, but often it makes the beautiful things shine by comparison. My life fairly “normal.” I love my creative ventures. I suffer most from depression and disphoric mania (angry rather than happy), but most people can’t tell there’s anything wrong with me unless I tell them. I don’t worry about being perfect because I know that God is the only one who is perfect.


      6. I am glad to hear that you are positive and you enjoy your creative ventures in life. I am happy to read that you see beauty in yourself. I love your honesty and that also makes you beautiful.


  1. Cinnamom and Daisy are beautiful!!!
    My two old girls ( guinea piggies) are Annabelle and mollySue and they are the sweetest critters on the face of the earth.
    Beauty to me is the blue eyes of my children, now grown men, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
    It is the smile on the face of my husband in the mornings and in the joy of being alive one more mornings.


    1. Your words are truly beautiful and so upbeat and positive. Thank you for sharing them with us. It’s wonderful to hear that you are a piggy lover. How old are your piggies and do you have photos of them?


    1. That’s a beautiful list, thanks for sharing it. My parents and Grandma are also beautiful to me, as well as my friends, and writing of course. I think being alive is one of the most beautiful things ever.


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