When does a reality show become your own reality?

Hi everyone

When does a reality show become your own reality? – When you feel like you are living in one. Do you ever get that feeling?

I spend so much of my life, reading, watching and writing about stories, that I end up feeling like my own life story is being played out in front of me, and that I am watching it, yet I am in it. It’s very surreal. I feel, that in reality, I am in my own reality show and that my eyes are the camera. Quirky, I know.

There is always some sort of drama going on in my life, and I often feel that my life is like a soap opera. Maybe it should be made into a soap opera – Hey! You heard it here first. On a plus side, I have got loads to pack into a series of autobiographies and that always bodes well when you are a writer.

To give you the highs and lows over the last week or so, here goes:

Daisy and Cinnamon went to the vets for a lump and mite check. Their lumps are fine at the moment and one of Daisy’s has vanished. I got charged less than I thought I would. Although the vet couldn’t find any mites, they have a spot on treatment to use for two weeks.

I received a cheque as compensation for an accident I had in 2011. As a result, I have been asked to be featured in the USDAW magazine about it. If and when it happens, I will let you know.

The preview of my Break through the barriers of redundancy book blurb, has been well received, and more people have shown an interest in buying it. I am still in the process of editing it at the moment. That is taking longer than I had hoped, because I am having to fit it in around my day job, my teaching job, and deal with other issues, such as technical difficulties and financial problems.

To summarise the technical problems, both my Mac and phone have not been working correctly. My blog would not load properly on my Mac, and a snail’s pace would have been quicker than the speed at which it was loading web pages. Some pages it refused to load at all. My phone was taking an age to load and sometimes it wouldn’t load at all. It switched itself off. At times it would not let me charge it and switch it on at the same time. Apologies for all of the comments that I haven’t had chance to reply to yet because of this. I took action and installed a new router and upgraded my Mac overnight to the Mavericks operating system. This took over 15 hours because I live in a gray area where internet speed is concerned, and it was still in the process of upgrading the next day. This is not good when I have to manage 3 websites (and one under construction), 3 blogs, 3 Facebook Pages, 3 Twitter accounts, a LinkedIn account, and a Google+ and YouTube account. I am still having some problems with my phone and I am getting a new one on Tuesday.

I recently got invited to a Google+ Hangout about my book, with Wiley published Author, Paul Lancaster. Who works for Sage One accountancy company. This is due to take place the week before my book is published and will be a 30 minute interview. I am so excited, watch this space for further details.

Yesterday I received a bill from HMRC saying I owe them £564.60 in unpaid taxes for 2011-2012 and 2013-2013 tax years. I believe this to be incorrect, so I have had to spend time getting the necessary documentation together to prove it, including my P60s and P45s, and type a letter to them. Other financial difficulties include the fact that I am still owed 3 hours for my basic wage in my day job, from 3 weeks ago, and some expenses from weeks ago, that I keep having to chase. I have been opted into the company pension scheme, when I have requested to opt out, and money is still being taken out of my wages for it. This is another thing I have to keep chasing.

The day before I got the letter from HMRC, I booked to go to the Business Showcase South West event in Bristol, and to the Only Colston event, following that, in the evening. Both promise to be fantastic networking opportunites and take place on April the 8th to the 9th.

Teaching Blogging as an aid to recovery went very well last week and I am optimistic that it will be just as enjoyable tomorrow.

You may have guessed that I don’t get much sleep. Currently I am getting on average about five and a half hours sleep a night. I have to watch my health and do need to get some more sleep but I have so much deal with, my guineapigs to clean every night, and my book to write, that it’s hard to find time to fit sleep in. I also have to try to fit some time in for fun as it’s essential for relaxation and motivation.

One of my favourite genres is drama and my life is full of it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Am I living in my own reality show? I will leave that question to your imagination.

Thank you to everyone who has nominated me for a blog award recently and in the last few months. I will get around to officially accepting them, although I won’t be able to do that this month. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and nominate me. I also appreciate everyone who stops by, who comments or Likes my posts.

As I am still editing my book inbetween everything else that is going on, and I have people waiting to buy it, I am unfortunately still not able to visit or comment on many blogs at the moment and I am very sorry for that.

I will write when I am able to


10 thoughts on “When does a reality show become your own reality?

  1. Oh Sandra, I know just how you feel, and in the nicest possible way I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who seems to have all this drama going on, constantly it seems. Still, as you so optimistically (as always) say, at least it provides plenty to write about for our memoirs 😉 We are all still here and hoping you get everything sorted out and also very exciting news to look forward to as well. Don’t overdo it, get some rest and congratulations on all your recent achievements. You are doing a fantastic job on all fronts despite all the problems along the way. Take care – Sherri x


    1. Hi Sherri. As always, thanks for your support and encouragement and for saying I can use that previous comment in my book. I know just the place for it, at the front, under the title, with a reference to your blog of course. I saw your reply, but couldn’t reply to it at the time and had the technical problems so I am behind with my comments from a while ago. Because of all of the ‘stuff’ I had to sort out, I still have my book editing to do. It took me almost a week to sort my phone problem out and HMRC agreed that I don’t owe them any money but it will still be two weeks before they process my new Tax code to say I don’t owe them anything. I have stopped taking my tablets because they were causing a rash and I am suffering for it. Seeing a herbalist on Tuesday to try to sort the problem. The doctor said I am better than what I was but may never get back to how I was, I don’t accept that.


      1. Hi Ralph, it went really well thanks. One student said he found the blogging satisfying. The other student said of the courses he has been on, only two he considers to be good, and mine is one of them.


  2. Hi Sandra.
    1. You are right about reality shows and soap operas. Surely it makes you smile, that we are a little bit of a waste of time. 🙂 Of course, is a bit more useful. 🙂

    2. About USDW magazine, I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂
    3. I’m sorry about the phone, mac and your HMRC. 🙂
    4. Your life is better than soap operas and reality shows. You make a great thing for your life, your community. Your parents and your family, would have been proud to you. :). Hilal Achmar


    1. Hi Hilal, thanks so much for your lovely comments. Apologies for the delay in replying to you. I am behind with my comments due to the technical problems I was having. I don’t believe any of our lives are a waste of time, but I think that others sometimes cause problems for us that wastes our time. It took almost a week to sort the phone problems because of hours of phone calls being passed from one person to another before I got a phone deal that I agreed and wanted. I finally got my new phone and compensation. I don’t owe HMRC any money, but it will take them two weeks to rectify this in writing.

      Thanks for saying my life is better than a soap opera and reality show. My parents live in Dawlish and my Grandma is also in Dawlish in a nursing home. My parents were proud of my Good Citizenship Award. I saw them on the 4th of March for my mum’s birthday and I saw my Grandma that evening too. My Grandma is 96 years old and kept saying she is proud of me. I love my Grandma, I am very close to her, she is one of my bestest friends ever.


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